Ok so here goes, this may be a complete success or a massive failure!

Often the things separating “thin” people and “fat” people, is the lack of understanding.

I as a fat person have many friends who are on the opposite scale, underweight and not able to put weight on.

Isn’t it strange how we often envy one another, the fatty yearning to be able to eat whatever they want and remain skinny and the thinner folk yearning to be able to fill clothes out and put on a few pounds.

So this is what I propose, use this post as a question and answer, no cruel, malicious or trolling posts, this is about educating and understanding.

If you have anything to add here or any words of encouragement or even a story to tell then do so here as well.

I am happy to answer any questions fired my way.

Some facts about me – I am 24 years old (currently), I have been overweight my entire life, having been a chubby baby, child and a fat teen and adult. I have tried most diets but this time it is different, I am losing weight for all the right reasons and really want to do this. Determination will be my secret weapon.



Being fat is hard work…

“Why don’t you just lose weight?”

What most people don’t understand is that for me I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN FAT and we’re not talking a couple of pounds here!

All throughout school I was packed off with a lunchbox with minimal carbs, go ahead bars and fruit. I would look at my friends half my size as they tucked into two sandwiches, crisps, chocolate bars and just think how unfair it was!

I was always the fat girl. I shopped in adult clothing stores and plus size before i’d barely entered secondary school.

Now I am not blaming my parents, although I wasn’t born fat 😛 as I grew up I was already so fat I just wanted to enjoy myself. When my mum finally decided enough was enough we as a family started the Atkins diet. I lost a stone and a half in my first week and went on to lose nearly 6 stone in total. But by god was it hard!

Everyday I would wake up at 6am be at the gym by half 6 with my sister. Use the gym for an hour then shower, then walk to my school bus. I would eat breakfast on the bus that mum had prepared earlier (2 cold rashers of bacon) for lunch a salad or meat of some sort leaving out the carbs (GOODBYE SANDWICHES!) and chicken and salad or veg for dinner. My sister and I went to the gym 5 days a week minimum and mum ensured we ate less than 20g of carbs a day.

It was hard.

I was always hungry, I remember just sitting in class and feeling so unhappy because my stomach constantly hurt with hunger pains. I always had terrible breath – due to the diet not just a standard thing with me (I hope!)

Also people underestimate how much will power and determination it takes, I lost so much this time as I did it with my sister and mum, the support and to know we were in it together was fantastic. But alas they were smaller than me so reached their goal weights while I still had 8 or so stone to lose and it gradually slipped back to my old ways, the weight crept back on and more.


What I would just like people to recognise is that it’s hard work. All the negative comments, looks, stares, giggles etc really hurt.

They don’t inspire me to lose weight, they etch a scar on my already damaged heart and lead me to Ben & Jerrys. What I am trying to do now is lose weight, but it isn’t going to happen over night!

To all the skinny people who are genuinely trying to help, telling me “if I can do it, you can do it” doesn’t help! Also note you lost 2 stone and while this shouldn’t be ignored bare in mind i’m looking to lose in excess of 10 stone and half my body weight!

This isn’t just about eating better, it is about changing the way I look at food, the way food comforts me and the ongoing struggle with food for the rest of my life! I may never be able to eat an ice cream again without the insane guilt that i’m cheating or doing something I shouldn’t be!


Things thin people say that make me scream…

If you have never been fat, then you will never understand. Saying things such as; “just stop eating” which believe it or not someone did say to me once, will more than likely end with my cream filled pastry being wiped across your skinny smug face.   Note: Firstly I don’t make a habit of eating cream filled cakes and secondly do you honestly think if I had a cream filled cake in my chubby little hands I would waste it by wiping it all over you? Fool!   Also I doubt the average skinny person could go a few days minus food, so asking a fat person who is obviously used to eating more food to go without is ridiculous! Its unhealthy too (yes i know being fat is unhealthy as well!)   “just do more exercise”, “why don’t you go running?”   IS THAT A JOKE? In case you hadn’t noticed I am harboring two small planets on my chest, going for a casual run will probably end up with me in A&E after giving myself black eyes with my enormous boobs! Also bare in mind my boobs combined probably weigh a good few stone. I’ll strike a deal: when I see an average woman running around with a couple of extra stone on her chest, I will swallow my pride and give it a go, until then i’m happy power walking! (Note power walking in my case is just walking with the action of moving my arms a little faster to give the illusion of walking faster.)