Things thin people say that make me scream…

If you have never been fat, then you will never understand. Saying things such as; “just stop eating” which believe it or not someone did say to me once, will more than likely end with my cream filled pastry being wiped across your skinny smug face.   Note: Firstly I don’t make a habit of eating cream filled cakes and secondly do you honestly think if I had a cream filled cake in my chubby little hands I would waste it by wiping it all over you? Fool!   Also I doubt the average skinny person could go a few days minus food, so asking a fat person who is obviously used to eating more food to go without is ridiculous! Its unhealthy too (yes i know being fat is unhealthy as well!)   “just do more exercise”, “why don’t you go running?”   IS THAT A JOKE? In case you hadn’t noticed I am harboring two small planets on my chest, going for a casual run will probably end up with me in A&E after giving myself black eyes with my enormous boobs! Also bare in mind my boobs combined probably weigh a good few stone. I’ll strike a deal: when I see an average woman running around with a couple of extra stone on her chest, I will swallow my pride and give it a go, until then i’m happy power walking! (Note power walking in my case is just walking with the action of moving my arms a little faster to give the illusion of walking faster.)


3 thoughts on “Things thin people say that make me scream…

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