Ok so here goes, this may be a complete success or a massive failure!

Often the things separating “thin” people and “fat” people, is the lack of understanding.

I as a fat person have many friends who are on the opposite scale, underweight and not able to put weight on.

Isn’t it strange how we often envy one another, the fatty yearning to be able to eat whatever they want and remain skinny and the thinner folk yearning to be able to fill clothes out and put on a few pounds.

So this is what I propose, use this post as a question and answer, no cruel, malicious or trolling posts, this is about educating and understanding.

If you have anything to add here or any words of encouragement or even a story to tell then do so here as well.

I am happy to answer any questions fired my way.

Some facts about me – I am 24 years old (currently), I have been overweight my entire life, having been a chubby baby, child and a fat teen and adult. I have tried most diets but this time it is different, I am losing weight for all the right reasons and really want to do this. Determination will be my secret weapon.




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