The daily will power struggle.

Will Power Where do I start? An ongoing daily battle. This may sound overdramatic to some, but for me it's true. A battle doesn't have to be all violence and war, an internal battle is just as damaging. An internal battle in my opinion involves a daily tug of war, an ongoing debate inside. To … Continue reading The daily will power struggle.


Why I am ditching the scales for 1 month.

Having pretty much been on a diet my entire life, I have some experience and I have some knowledge in what works and what doesn't for me. Tipping the scales at the larger end I have always had big losses in the first few weeks which then slowed down into a more consistent weekly loss. … Continue reading Why I am ditching the scales for 1 month.

Linda Kelsey (Daily Mail) vs Me and the unashamed ‘fatties’

Being fat doesn't make you a horrible person, being horrible makes you a horrible person. The same way a good person isn't a good person because of the way they look. They are a good person because of what's inside. So how can you judge a fat person just because they are fat? Deciding you … Continue reading Linda Kelsey (Daily Mail) vs Me and the unashamed ‘fatties’

The Telegraph vs Obesity First read the above story, it is about increasing the number of gastric bands available on the NHS.This story raised a lot of controversy, what is your opinion?My opinion is that whilst it is beneficial for people and helps them lose weight I think it should be used for people that have exhausted every other … Continue reading The Telegraph vs Obesity

Obesity vs Hunger

What is worse?Being obeseorwaking up every morning without fail, with hunger pains and a growling stomach.Obviously the first one, but the second isn't good either.Since starting my diet, I have found it all relatively easy, I space what I consume throughout the day into roughly 3hourly slots.I wake up and have my morning shake at around … Continue reading Obesity vs Hunger