JuicePlus Adventure

I am starting the JuicePlus adventure 🙂

2 Shakes

2 Snacks

1 Healthy Meal a day

3 litres of water



Day 1:

Raspberry & Vanilla Shake, made with water.

1 Cup of green tea.




not a good combo. Luckily I get another shot at lunchtime.




2 thoughts on “JuicePlus Adventure

  1. Hi great blog post 🙂
    Firstly well done you for deciding to embark on this journey.
    I really think you need to research juice plus. Its not as healthy as you think, and it can actually cause more problems & weight GAIN than it does any help. Just wanted to give you a heads up…
    Thanks and good luck. Ill keep following 🙂

    • Hello 🙂

      I’ve done exactly this 😀 thank you.
      I am not following their food plan as it just isn’t realistic especially when you start to increase food back into your diet.

      Ensuring I take supplements also 🙂

      I have made a whole life style change, to include healthier and good food.

      Thank you so much for letting me know though! I shall continue to look out for more information on JuicePlus.

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