Health vs Chocolate

Many people often find it hard to believe that my being over weight has never bothered me.

Yes it would be nice to not sweat when i’m walking, and to walk into a clothes store without thinking “I wonder if they go up to my size.”

But looks wise I’ve always been fairly content. I wear what I want and what I feel comfortable in.

I am lucky enough to have a boyfriend who loves me regardless of being a chunky monkey and a family who support me.

I am losing weight now so I can be a healthier version of me.

I have been very lucky with my health to date, but I don’t want to count my chickens too soon, it shan’t be long before dodgy knees, diabetes and high blood pressure catch up with me.

I also want to live a long and adventurous life, filled with children and love. I want to be able to run up and down the park playing chase for hours on end, play football, go horse riding, go swimming and everything else I avoid doing now!

Why are you losing weight?

Or why did you lose weight?


One thought on “Health vs Chocolate

  1. Love your honesty here, and that you recognise that losing weight can significantly benefit your family life. I struggled with my expanding weight throughout early teens to early twenties, then I lost weight from size 14-16 when I became pregnant. I immediately recognised that I just couldn’t eat so much sugar and processed food anymore, and drink so much alcohol. My mind wouldn’t allow it, a sense of protection for the baby?
    I swapped my Burger King, McDonald’s, cokes, beers, cocktails, excess chocolate, etc., for fresh fruit, vegetables, salads, water, water, water, and chicken, beef or tuna. The result being once baby was born and by 8 weeks old I’d dropped down to a size 8! Just through nutrition alone. Then I had to keep it off, and that’s where exercise came in as well as nutrition.
    Since then I have to consider weight management by balancing exercise, healthy food and well being, against snacks, alcohol and being sedentary. I can 100% say that being in constant challenge mode to maintain my weight also helps me to focus on other areas of life, as it has built up my determination to succeed in whatever I set my mind to. This was just the first step to the real me!
    Good luck on your journey! And like “The Slight Edge” (a great read for anyone!) says, a little step everyday adds up to a huge change over time xx

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