Can we blame the parents?

This is a message from a fat twenty something year old girl to all parents of children.


No I am not blaming my parents for me getting to a size 22/24 however they aren’t completely innocent either.

I don’t ever remember being small, I was always, chubby, plump, tubby, flabby… you get the idea. Whilst I openly admit it was me who piled in the food, it wasn’t always.

So this is a message to all parents from an eternally fat female. Teach them young. If they say they are hungry? Think, are they actually? You won’t be starving your child!! And just bare in mind that the more you eat the more your stomach expands and expects. Well the same goes for your children.

This sounds cruel, mean and silly from a girl who has yet to have children. But let me tell you it isn’t nice not being able to wear the same school skirts as other girls, having to buy uniform from adult clothing stores, being picked on and called names, going bright red EVERY P.E lesson. Also the chubbier they are now the more likely they are to grow up chubby, and become a fat teen and adult. So no parents aren’t all to blame, however the younger the child the more positive influence you can have over them, and stop them from being just another child obesity statistic.


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