I braved the bloody scales!!!

There are a few reasons why I have steered clear from scales, it isn’t actually the most obvious one people think either!

I do not avoid them through fear the towering numbers will send me into a binge eating, self pitying, wallowing sadness. It isn’t the fear of how fat I have become. It is the fear of how far I have to go.

Why did I want to look at the scales when I commenced a diet to only realise I had around 12 stone to lose (168pounds.) That figure just seems so far away.

One day at a time. One target at a time.

Until today.

This is it for me, this is my journey and I don’t bloody plan on stopping until I’ve reached the size I want and am comfortable with, so why shouldn’t I know how much I weigh so I can record just how much I’ve lost.

This is a big mission and at the end of it I want to be able to stand up and say I lost all this weight and I am proud.

So if you are at home avoiding the scales for similar reasons or even an entirely different one then be brave and take the plunge.

This is your life only you can change it.



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