Controversial article in Uk newspaper.

This is an article that has raised a lot of controversy, anger and on the hand commandment and praise.

I would like to know your opinion, so tell me…

Follow the link:


2 thoughts on “Controversial article in Uk newspaper.

  1. I saw the article. The Daily Mail is full of self-opinionated writers who feel it is their personal duty to push their subjective truths upon others. The writer in question has only made a personal opinion upon their soap box, they are not an authority unless people make them an authority over the shapes of their own bodies.

  2. Good lord how rude can you get?! Weight is an addiction, would she be so intent on being so darn rude and nasty about recovering alcoholics or drug users? There is two sides to every story yet this writer does nothing but voice her opinion in a nasty and one sided way. What gives her the right to judge over other people? To judge people that are comfortable with their weight, something a lot of people aren’t, enough for them to wear what they want. I’m horrified that this writer thinks she has the right to be so darn rude and to simply underestimate the battle that is weight. She acknowledges the problem of anorexia yet completely disregards the other end of the spectrum.

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