Obesity vs Hunger

What is worse?

Being obese


waking up every morning without fail, with hunger pains and a growling stomach.

Obviously the first one, but the second isn’t good either.

Since starting my diet, I have found it all relatively easy, I space what I consume throughout the day into roughly 3hourly slots.

I wake up and have my morning shake at around 9/10am – if I am really hungry I will have fruit with my morning shake.

Then lunch time shake at 12/1pm

Then afternoon snack around 3pm

Then healthy dinner around 6pm.

I also fit in fruit if in need 🙂

So you see it all fits in nicely, I don’t feel hungry and I’m enjoying this journey.

However come 8am when I am rudely awoken by the gurgling’s of my now shrinking stomach. I wander when it will stop and get very irritated at the idea of any diet as my sleep is far more important.

Of course I suck it up and get my rather large arse downstairs to the kitchen to make my morning shake.

But I wondered what do other people do?

I know I am not alone on a journey like this and I don’t for a moment pretend to be, so tell me all you lovely healthy eaters, dieters and general well wishers out there.

What do you do to beat the morning hunger, or do you simply do as I do and get over it?


Oh and yes before anyone asks I am drinking enough water 😉




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