The Telegraph vs Obesity


First read the above story, it is about increasing the number of gastric bands available on the NHS.

This story raised a lot of controversy, what is your opinion?

My opinion is that whilst it is beneficial for people and helps them lose weight I think it should be used for people that have exhausted every other avenue.


People think it is a quick fix it isn’t, people with this treatment still have just as much struggle as every other person losing weight. The difference being they can’t physically stomach large portions, that doesn’t mean to say they don’t want bigger portions.

My only hope if this increase of available treatments goes ahead is that they provide the support people need, they teach and re-educate about food and portions and try to uncover where the issue began. Otherwise once treatment is complete the weight may just pile back on.


Also how about instead of waiting around for people to big enough to use this service, use the money instead to offer reduced gym fees, free weight watchers and slimming world clubs to help people help themselves and educate themselves for the future.


Also how about we use the money to offer surgery to those people who have lost substantial weight yet are left with stones worth of extra skin.


I know a few people who have had gastric bands and it has worked wonders for them so I would never wish to insult this avenue as it does work. I just think it should be kept for those who really need it not every Tom, Dick and Harry.

So come on then what do you think? By all means disagree with me if you want 


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