My top diet tricks.

This post is all about my personal top diet hacks, it’s all about making your diet as enjoyable and as easy as possible.

1. Mark your bottle with your water intake. Drinking around 2 litres of water a day is a standard life and diet tool, but 2 litres is daunting for people that don’t usually drink so much. By marking your water bottle into slots (I do hourly) it breaks down the 2 litres into manageable sips/gulps/guzzles and before you know it you’ve hit your water target 🙂



2. Prepare as much as  you can in advance. Regardless if you have a 9-5 job, an office job or if you work from home etc. preparing in advance does help!!! It also means you have no excuse: “Oh I didn’t have time this morning so i’ll just grab something on the go” ummmm no! Grabbing on the go is never as healthy and is never as good for you, also what is the point of filling up your fridge with yummy goodies if you don’t eat them!!




3. FROZEN GRAPES!!! Sweet treats without the guilt. (Also work wonders as ice cubes in wine!)



4. Exercise. A lot of people don’t necessarily have the extra hour or so free in the day to head to the gym so try these simple things to increase you exercise levels without even thinking about it…

* Run up and down the stairs instead of walking.

* Squats – you can do these in front of the TV at the end of the day.

* Have more sex.

* Housework – it all adds up – so keep your house extra clean also it distracts from the fact that you are soooooooo hungry!

and anything else like this 🙂

* If you have children and a wii get playing!!!

* YouTube quick work outs you can do in front of your computer.


5. Go veggie for the day 🙂 One day a week skip the meat in your meals. You’ll save a lot of fat, calories and fill up more with veg and increase your nutrients and fibre.


6.  Ditch white carbs and switch for wholegrain carbs.


7.  Switch it up, DON’T EAT THE SAME THING EVERY DAY. Lots of people do this on diets, they find something the like and they eat it everyday, you’ll get bored of this pretty soon and stray away.


8. Don’t beat yourself up if you slip up, you are only human. Allow yourself a treat every now and again, if you eliminate something completely you’ll only want it more.  So every once and while have something naughty.


9. Talk to people, motivation and support – they may have the same issues as you, recipes to teach you and sometimes you just need someone to talk to and help steer you away from the packet of chocolate digestives latched in your chubby little hand.


10. Be positive. Something so simple yet so many people don’t do it! If you start the day with a negative attitude then you have hindered yourself from the get go. You can do this ❤




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