The daily will power struggle.

Will Power

Where do I start?

An ongoing daily battle. This may sound overdramatic to some, but for me it’s true. A battle doesn’t have to be all violence and war, an internal battle is just as damaging.

An internal battle in my opinion involves a daily tug of war, an ongoing debate inside. To explain my opinion further here is an example:

In relation to quitting smoking. The daily battle and tug of war in this circumstance is:

Wanting to smoke vs not wanting to smoke.

The wanting to smoke is the addiction yes but it is also the need to smoke. The need to pick up that cigarette, light it and enjoy. The routine of having done this for however long is then contrasted by not wanting to smoke. The lifestyle change in front of you that you know will improve you for whatever reason. Yet by not smoking you are going against something you’ve always done.

Now to someone who doesn’t smoke I appreciate this may sound a little far fetched. But if you relate it to something else you may see similar patterns.

For a porker like myself the daily struggle is food.

Everyone needs food to survive. How much you need is based on a lot of components, height, gender, metabolism etc.

As a larger person who has always eaten that little bit too much (aka way too much) I know that I am damaging my body, the internal damage is done and will take years to undo if at all. But I can stop the other damage from occurring.

Being on a diet vs wanting to eat everything in sight.

Again apologies to the ones who think this is over the top 😛

Now I know I need to diet, I know I need to lose weight and I also know it’s not going to happen over night.
So in honesty denying yourself a lot of what you are used to consuming is hard work. (No pizza for 2+ years OMG thank goodness for the occasional treat day) It is all around you, going for a meal and seeing and smelling what you want to eat vs what you should eat.

Being offered a sweet or a biscuit, and turning it down vs grabbing the whole packet off the person offering without a hint of guilt or shame and gobbling it down in sweet sweet heaven.

Being hungover and craving grease yet really needing a salad.

Sorry I’ll get to the point now, began to get sidetracked whilst thinking of what I’m not allowed!

My point is that this is hard damn work.

Every day I am faced with choices regarding food, yes it may seem simple, just eat the right things and get on with it and some days it is that simple. Some days I thrive on healthy eating and being more energetic etc and then other days when I’m feeling low, tired or just a bit sorry for myself, if offered an orange or a Terry’s chocolate orange, well let’s just say I know what I would choose.

I am not perfect.
And neither is anyone else.

We all make bad decisions.
The trick is in the aftermath of one of these decisions, pick yourself up, brush yourself down, accept it happened, learn from it and move on.

We’ve got this.

We can do this.

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3 thoughts on “The daily will power struggle.

  1. I struggle everyday too! For the most part I do pretty during the week, and then the weekend comes and it all goes down hill, all of my hard work during the week went out the window during the weekend! Its really hard work. I just recently started a fitness blog to motivate others and keep myself accountable! Follow my blog so we can stay connected!

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