It’s all in the prep.

So the past few weeks I have been DREADING going back to Uni. Over the summer i've been living with my boyfriend for a few months whilst working so haven't even been in my flat since the end of June! I have also not done as well as I had hoped on the weight loss … Continue reading It’s all in the prep.


My blog absence.

I suppose it is only fair I acknowledge and explain why the time difference between my posts. As some of you may be aware I run a Facebook page along side this blog. Recently I have received numerous hate messages from people telling me how they hate my page, that i'm glamorizing obesity and … Continue reading My blog absence.

Don’t be silly you’re not Fat – Ummm yes I bloody am!!

Something I have been pondering over recently is people. Before I started my diet the only people to be brutally honest were my family. My friends mainly said things like "don't be silly you aren't fat" which of course is hysterical. I am not in denial I am aware I am fat! Or if my … Continue reading Don’t be silly you’re not Fat – Ummm yes I bloody am!!