Don’t be silly you’re not Fat – Ummm yes I bloody am!!

Something I have been pondering over recently is people.

Before I started my diet the only people to be brutally honest were my family. My friends mainly said things like “don’t be silly you aren’t fat” which of course is hysterical. I am not in denial I am aware I am fat!

Or if my jeans were getting a little tight comments like “maybe they shrunk in the wash?” rather than “well we have eaten KFC twice this week and pizza”


as soon as my diet started I had a chorus of “you can do this”, “I am so proud of you”, “think of your health.”

Now I know my friends didn’t want to hurt my feelings by saying something they would deem cruel but realistically it isn’t cruel. Is it crueller to watch someone you care for become bigger and bigger without saying anything? I personally don’t think so.

Now I don’t mean that we should be saying something along the lines of “stop eating fattie” as that is not only offensive but bloody mean! But perhaps positive encouragement is the way forward.

Encourage healthy eating and exercise, don’t be afraid to be constructive and be a little blunt if necessary.

I draw the line at children – if your child is fat don’t tell them otherwise you start the self conscious ball rolling, instead invest time in doing exercises or activities with your child and eat healthily as a family, chances are if your child is a bit porky so are you!

What do you think, is honesty the best policy when it comes to chubby people?


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