It’s all in the prep.

So the past few weeks I have been DREADING going back to Uni. Over the summer i’ve been living with my boyfriend for a few months whilst working so haven’t even been in my flat since the end of June!

I have also not done as well as I had hoped on the weight loss front. That is down to me I know, I have had slip ups and days when I craved everything that is bad.

Teamed with being a student so generally being poor the last few weeks have been rubbish.

However the negativity has gone and positivity has come out again.

I have started meal plans, ordered a new water infuser bottle, a new lunch box, started the mammoth task of tidying and re organising my flat and bought some shiny new stationary and notebooks for university.

So I tell you it is all in the prep.

I am genuinely excited to be going back to uni even if it does mean days away from the man (soppy I know) I am also very excited to get back on track with this weight loss malarkey.

Graduation 2016 look out I will look the best I ever have!

my very healthy snacks  New appropriate lunch box 🙂food plan The start of my food plan, it isn’t finished yet so don’t you fret 🙂


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