My blog absence.

I suppose it is only fair I acknowledge and explain why the time difference between my posts.

As some of you may be aware I run a Facebook page along side this blog.

Recently I have received numerous hate messages from people telling me how they hate my page, that i’m glamorizing obesity and how I make it ok for fat people to sit on their fat arses and do nothing (their words not mine.)

If i’m honest this had a negative effect on me.

I started this page and blog to document MY journey with the hope that I would meet like minded people along the way to share tips with discuss techniques and to support one another.

I do this through writing, sharing memes, anecdotes, videos etc.

I expected a few comments here and there but not in such a large quantity.

So here is my response to anyone who has sent hate mail my way…

On a daily basis fat shaming is all around us so why can’t we make jokes and have a laugh along the way? We beat ourselves up on a daily basis so a joke may actually be just what someone needs.

Usually the only stories gracing the papers in regards to obesity are ones filled with negative connotations designed to make people feel worse. I want to change this. Reduce the stigma around being overweight and make people realise that it is ok to discuss it. To tackle it head on with honesty, humility and acceptance. Maybe then people will approach doctors, dieticians etc. when they are one stone overweight rather than hiding ashamed and waiting until it creeps up to four stone overweight.

We can change. But negative comments only push people back toward the bakery and away from the gym.

Also like it or not a lot of people are fat. So why can’t we make those people feel better about themselves? It isn’t glamorizing it is just making people realise that just because they are big it doesn’t mean they are disgusting.

Are modelling agencies glamorising anorexia by using size 0 models?

Are and glamorising obesity by making affordable and pretty clothes for plus size women?

If a thin person can make a fat joke why can’t a fat person?

I know I am fat, I am not ashamed and I am not going to spend my time hiding away because people don’t like seeing it.

So if it makes you feel better keep sending me hate mail.

The world is filled with people and we aren’t going to get on with everyone.

But regardless of whether you think my page is working or not, for me it is and for the people reading it I hope it is too.


8 thoughts on “My blog absence.

  1. I think it is incredibly admirable that you have chosen to tackle your weight head on, not to mention sharing it with everyone, including those who may not have your best interests at heart and indeed may be jealous that they haven’t reached a stage where they can face their own issues. Congratulations thus far on your journey and keep going!

  2. Keep going and ignore the trolls. We need more people in the world like you who are not afraid to put their head above the parapet even though you know people will take pot shots at you. Keep talking x

    • Thank you, I’m determined that one day it won’t be a subject surrounded by so much stigma. At the end of the day whether over weight, under weight or whatever we are all on a journey.

      Thank you πŸ™‚

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