A formal introduction/re introduction.

Seeing as I woke up to a fair few new followers and Facebook likes this morning, I thought I would re introduce myself.

My name is Sarah, I was born in Cornwall in England but have lived all over the place!

I am a 25 year old student with a penchant for films,  television series, eyebrows and my boyfriend.

I started out nearing 23 stone, but I didn’t weigh for a while – so when I finally braved the scales my weight was 22st 2lb.

I started my blog and page for a few reasons.

One reason was because I had (note the past tense) no will power and documenting my journey made me more determined.

Another was because far too many of us struggle with weight be it too many pounds or not enough and yet it is a taboo subject that far to few people approach.

This needs to change.

I don’t want to live in a world where my niece and nephew (and children in the future) are judged by how they look, what size clothes they wear etc.

I also don’t want to live in a world where they are afraid to speak about their health through fear of being ridiculed.

Why are people ashamed about talking about their weight?

Perhaps one of the reasons is because of articles like this…




where because of one person all overweight people are branded with the same brush.

Believe it or not not every fat person eats a take away every weekend, or chooses to buy crisps over apples. Also not all fat people pass the blame. I know why I’m overweight it is because I ate too much and didn’t exercise enough. I made myself bigger so now I am going to make myself smaller.

But what also needs to stop is the judgemental persona everyone carries – If you asked yourself truthfully I doubt anyone could say they haven’t judged someone for something. But why?

People assume that every overweight person has spent their life shovelling in far too much food, but that isn’t always the case, just the way that an underweight person may not automatically have anorexia.

Let’s lower the stigma around weight and discussion of weight, let’s get to know people a little better.

A rude comment to the fat girl on the bus may mean they eat a chocolate bar when they get home or they binge and purge or that they spend the evening crying into their pillow.  The same way a snide remark to the skinny girl may stop her eating for a week.

We are all different, yes it is annoying that some people can eat more than my metabolism allows. But we need to work with what we’ve got and surely negative energy spent over the what ifs and if onlys would be better used in the gym?

This blog, Facebook page and Twitter is for anyone who wants to join me on my journey. We are not divided by what diet we are doing or how much exercise we are completing, we are unified because we are here and we are changing.

Whilst initially this page was for me it has now grown into much more than that, it’s for everyone who reads, posts or even just glances. It is a support network, and whether you look in silence too afraid of the repercussions of being so bold about your weight (I completely understand why some people choose this way) or whether you jump on board full throttle and share you story, this page is here for you.

We won’t judge you for having a naughty day, or going to have one biscuit yet ending up eating half the packet. At the end of the day this is a personal journey that we have to go on individually but that doesn’t mean you have to be isolated, so if you need advice, if you just want to have a moan, if you need to confess you super-sized your burger or if you just want to show off your new figure please do.

This journey was never about speed for me, it is a lifestyle choice. I will have naughty days and I will have days where I feel like giving up, but I won’t I will get back on the horse and prove to everyone that has ever not given me a job because I’m fat, laughed behind my back or to my face or simply not even tried to understand that I CAN AND I BLOODY WILL DO THIS.


So that is me.

Diary of a Fat English Girl has given me the confidence to proudly say I can do this, it has offered me support, motivation and encouragement on days when I couldn’t even imagine losing a stone let alone ten of them. So to every reader I offer a heartfelt thank you. Thank you for joining me on this journey. And to all the new readers, welcome and I hope you get as much inspiration from this page as I do.




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