The Awkward Moment #3

This one I have always laughed at so feel free to giggle without a single ounce of guilt.

When I was in my late teens I was at one of the local clubs in town.

To say I had drunk a little too much was a massive understatement.

I was true to the stereotypes of people my age and I was totally and utterly sozzled.

Anyway, in this club there was a cash machine. The cash machine was against the wall next to a door. The door was in the corner.

Sorry my descriptions are rubbish but basically the layout meant that there was a corner wall then the door, then the cash machine.

And in my inebriated state I managed to wedge my big bottom in this gap between the corner wall and the cash machine.

Could I get up no?!

All I could do was laugh!

Until finally a friend walked past and pulled me out of said gap.

And back to the bar I went haha.



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