The weekend is upon us, to cheat or not to cheat.

So the weekend is here and the big question is can I squeeze a cheat in? Balanced with not feeling guilty and of course not letting it turn from a treat to a daily thing.

So to anyone wondering if they should treat themselves have a long think.

Some people simply cannot allow themselves to do it because they know full well that one slice of a stuffed crust Dominos pizza and they’ll be ordering a large one, extra toppings, dough balls and Ben and Jerry’s for desert.

Whereas others know that they need to have the occasional treat in order to keep them on track. After all if we are amending our diets and cutting things out we may start to miss them. So rather than deny completely allow a treat in moderation.

Whatever you choose to do this week, just think of the hard work you’ve already done. If you want a pasty this weekend have a bloody pasty provided you know that come tomorrow you’ll wake up and be back on the healthy journey once again.

Ladies and gentleman we have got this. ❤

cheat week

*Google stock image – original source unknown.


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