Awkward Moment #4

So at the end of Year 1 at university, I had to sit a Teeline exam. To anyone who isn’t familiar it’s the journalists second language – it also resembles hieroglyphics to anyone not familiar (and some of us who are familiar.)

We were all due to sit this exam in one of the lecture theatres that has the individual chairs with built in mini desks.

One problem – no way was my boobs and stomach going to squeeze behind one of those desks without either some serious damage to me or the chair!

So instead I proclaimed to the lecturer “can I have a desk at the front? Because realistically my boobs and belly are not going to squeeze into one of these”

Rather amused he gave me permission. Thankfully a few others followed suit.

Was I embarrassed no? I wasn’t going to fit no point denying it! I would have been embarrassed had I tried and failed to squeeze myself in!

The bonus I got a big desk all to my self so I could spread out as much as I wanted and I got a chair big enough for my bum haha.

Exam success.


4 thoughts on “Awkward Moment #4

  1. It’s never happened to me fortunately but I have often had to detour around a car park or two because I just couldn’t envisage my body squeezing between two wing mirrors on adjacent cars without setting off both car alarms.

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