Halloween came early.

Halloween came early last Saturday as my sister threw a pre Halloween party. I naturally felt the need to do something both comical and something where my big boobs, bum and curves come in handy!

So I was Mary from Hocus Pocus (one of my childhood favourites!) and the boy was Billy ❤

Are you dressing up this Halloween? And if so as what? 🙂

A collection of photographs.

The guilt.

I secretly like to think that everyone suffers from guilt when it comes to food.

Different levels of course, one person for example may be tormented with guilt after indulging in one biscuit whereas for another person it may take them eating the whole packet before the guilt sets in!

The question is why? Why do we need to torment ourselves simply for eating? Yes I know a lot of people over eat and that’s not healthy either.

But the constant self-hate does nothing to our mental health either or our motivation!


If you are healthy eating don’t punish yourself for having a treat just be sensible. Just because you had a treat of a bacon sandwich / any naughty breakfast, doesn’t mean you have free reign of the chocolate and crisps. Treat in moderation, don’t dwell on guilt, enjoy and move on!

And for the people who aren’t on a weight loss journey who also suffer from guilt, STOP beating yourself up!!!

You are allowed the occasional treat, you don’t have to feel bad. I’m sure you work hard to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle and anyone that works hard deserves a pat on the back! So your occasional treat is your pat on the back!

What do you think?

Does guilt have an impact on you?

Does your relationship with food suffer?

I am curious to hear lot of different opinions so please leave a comment  🙂

Tracking progress.

I think it is just as important if not more so to track your progress through photographs, measurements and clothes sizes, rather than always relying on the scales – your weight fluctuates naturally so by all means check in with the scales but make sure you do the others too 🙂

Here is my comparison 🙂

On the picture on the right I am wearing a dress uk size 26 and the one on the left is a uk size 20 🙂

I often get downhearted when I think progress isn’t being made (even when I’ve been naughty and deserve a bad week!) but looking back at photos and comparing really helps 🙂

So don’t be afraid to take pictures, even if you are the biggest you have ever been, take a cheeky snap, you don’t have to show anyone, but you will feel so happy when in a few months you compare the difference.


A stumble not a fall.

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So I went to the Doctors yesterday and whilst I was there he weighed me, after telling me “well done” for my weight loss so far it dawned on me that I’ve been a bit rubbish lately!!
I haven’t fallen off the wagon, I’ve stumbled and i’m hanging on for dear life! At the end of the day the only person I am letting down is myself.

So enough is enough.

Back to prepping early, being prepared for the day ahead.

So to anyone else who has had a stumble, pick yourself up, brush yourself down and let’s do this ❤

**Google stock image – original source unknown.