Life is crazy at the moment.

I spend all my time either at uni, doing uni work or at work. I literally don’t have a single day to myself or where I don’t have to set an alarm!

So please bare with me. 💜







**Google stock image – original source unknown.


A catch up on my crazy life.

One thought on “A catch up on my crazy life.

  1. beautiful photos! I put on this weight over 3 years but I still expect it to be gona after I work out for a week – bleh! I’m learning to embrace the journey and accept that it takes time.
    I’m also doing a challenge to all my blogging friends to post a photo of themselves at any stage or life that they loved and say why, it might be because of size, shape, tone, what you wore or who was with you! Then tag your post with the word pblogdotco so that you can see everyone else’s posts. The idea is that we all look at fitspiration posts but in reality we will still be us. Learn to love how your body changes while you work on it 🙂

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