I think it is just as important if not more so to track your progress through photographs, measurements and clothes sizes, rather than always relying on the scales – your weight fluctuates naturally so by all means check in with the scales but make sure you do the others too 🙂

Here is my comparison 🙂

On the picture on the right I am wearing a dress uk size 26 and the one on the left is a uk size 20 🙂

I often get downhearted when I think progress isn’t being made (even when I’ve been naughty and deserve a bad week!) but looking back at photos and comparing really helps 🙂

So don’t be afraid to take pictures, even if you are the biggest you have ever been, take a cheeky snap, you don’t have to show anyone, but you will feel so happy when in a few months you compare the difference.



Tracking progress.

3 thoughts on “Tracking progress.

  1. Love the comparison pics. You are making such great progress. I do like to post comparison pics on occasion as well, so I know the good feeling.

    Keep up the great work! you know, someday, not too far in the future, your blog will have to change to Diary of a FORMERLY Fat English Girl.

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