Challenge of the day.

Hello boys and girls, I offer you a challenge, to some people like my vain self taking a selfie is an occurring thing. To others it isn't. Whilst a lot of us are on a journey whether that be weight loss, fitness, or a journey doing something else, we often forget to embrace ourselves as … Continue reading Challenge of the day.


Our famous Halloween faces

Some of you may have seen mine and the man's Halloween outfits this year. We went with our love of Hocus Pocus and dressed up as Mary and Billy. Well if you click the link our picture is right at the bottom 😀 Some of the other ones are awesome so I don't think we'll … Continue reading Our famous Halloween faces

Recycled outfit for today’s clothes of choice.

So I managed to squeeze in a trip to see the man. Just for the night (last night) and back to mine and uni today. I'm so glad to have my laptop charger back in my possession, I have lots of work to catch up on when I'm home. Because of this impromptu visit I … Continue reading Recycled outfit for today’s clothes of choice.