Challenge of the day.

Hello boys and girls, I offer you a challenge, to some people like my vain self taking a selfie is an occurring thing. To others it isn’t.

Whilst a lot of us are on a journey whether that be weight loss, fitness, or a journey doing something else, we often forget to embrace ourselves as we are. I think that is important, you have to learn to love yourself to embrace each opportunity thrown in your direction. Also embracing yourself means you can enjoy this journey of self improvement rather than resent the sometimes slow process.

Perhaps you aren’t happy with the way you look right now, which is why you are changing, but don’t be so hard on yourself, give yourself a break and smile for the camera.

So to all those brave enough please post a selfie 🙂 and tell me a little bit about yourself. If you have a blog add a touch of self promoting in there you have my full permission 🙂 I enjoy meeting new people and reading different blogs.

So here is mine – no filter, in fact no editing at all – brave!

Lots of love from me to you as always ❤



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