UK Blog Awards 2015 – I need your help.


To all my lovely readers worldwide, I very bravely entered myself into the UK National Blog Awards 2015 (yes I entered myself!) I am entered in two categories, Lifestyle and the Young Persons and I need your help!! They have had in excess of 2000 applicant this year!!

But before I get to that part let me explain why I entered.

Firstly – why not?!

I am very proud of this blog, it has helped me on days when I wanted to give it all up and run (ok waddle) to the bakery. It has inspired me and shown me that support is all around. If we stand united then we can do this. I have been humbled and shocked by how many people are following me on this journey and joining me on it to.

Since I started this blog I have had ups and downs like everyone on a journey, but the support from people from all over the world gives me the strength to pick myself up, brush myself down and get stuck back in.

This blog has now been viewed in over 50 countries, from Ecuador to Russia to The Cayman Islands and it fills me with joy knowing that people have been reading my words and sharing my story!!

Now with 2000+ entrants I know I have a lot against me but I was determined to give it a go. I like to think that this blog is for everyone – it offers support, motivation, inspiration and amusement to anyone that stumbles across it, myself included.

So the first stage is the public vote! Which opens on Monday – I will post over the weekend with all the details of how to vote but I implore you to take a minute of two to vote for me!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you for joining me on this journey.

As always with love.


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