2015 is my year, cliché or not!

I have spent fat too long wallowing in self pity, getting downhearted at effort being rewarded with gains and cheats being rewarded with losses. I have avoided most things social lately, my beloved blog and followers included. All of this is to change and I am getting ready to smash 2015.

I am genuinely excited to be back on the wagon and staying on there! I must admit I received a few boxes of Lindt chocolate for Christmas so have been enjoying myself a little too much. But a new year and a new start along with all the other terrible cliché stuff!!

Who’s joining me?

I’m thinking weekly catch ups, pictures etc so if you or anyone you know is getting on the health kick then send them this way!!

Let’s share our journeys and make 2015 a year to remember

Yesterday I took some progress pictures – maybe my bravest ones yet! And in one month we’ll see what’s happened!!

Why don’t you do the same, even if you never show a single soul take them for you PLEASE!!!

You’ll be so proud when you see the physical changes.
And if there are any gents starting their journey then start posing for the camera as we want to see your progress pictures too.


2 thoughts on “2015 is my year, cliché or not!

  1. I absolutely need 2015 to be year. Due to rheumatoid arthritis and other health issues my weight is rendering me more immobile each day. Whether it ends up being surgical or something I haven’t thought of yet I have got to get smaller. Significantly smaller.

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