Wednesdays post on a Thursday. Back to Falmouth University.

For those of you who don’t know I am currently in my second year at Falmouth University in Cornwall, studying for a BA Hons degree in Journalism. So between working in Penzance at the weekend, attending Falmouth University during the week and writing I really am a busy girl travelling up and down Cornwall! Today I went back to university after our Christmas break – I was meant to go back on Monday but I was having a mini break down over essays haha! We do have Tuesdays off though so I only missed one lecture. I was awake super early so I had time to shower and prepare breakfast (insert my mums voice saying “it’s the most important meal of the day.”) I kept it simple with a mix of grapes and strawberries and then a banana a little later. It was good to get back as much as I had been dreading it and lovely to see everyone. In our Wednesday morning lectures I sit next to my friend Alice. Iโ€™ve noticed that at uni Iโ€™m often guilty of eating things on this weight loss journey that she is allergic to. Strawberries and popcorn, two of my favourite things and two of her arch enemies. Today I was on form with my strawberries. Sorry Alice, and thank you for putting up with my love of both strawberries and popcorn! She doesn’t mind though provided they aren’t too close as she is incredibly supportive of this journey ๐Ÿ™‚ She has an excellent blog also if you fancy a little nose, I am sure she won’t mind…

The main silver lining in attending university, even in the darkest days smothered in essays, presentations and deadlines is the canteen. I know I know a chubby girl commending the University for its excellence in food is terribly predictable ๐Ÿ˜‰ but it’s true. Apart from โ€˜Meat-free Mondaysโ€™ I have no complaints! Today I opted for spinach and lentil curry. It was delicious. I did get given a big portion mind (code for sheโ€™s chubby โ€“ she likes her food, pile it up!) so couldn’t finish it all! And tonight I opted for greek yoghurt, granola and raisins with a little honey and some grapes. I am really bloody enjoying this journey. curryblog

Short and sweet again.

I do hate it when modern technology lets you down.

Today’s blog post will now be posted tomorrow as I am currently writing this on my phone as my interest doesn’t seem to want to play ball!

I had typed all tonight’s blog out so hopefully in the morning I can publish straight away ๐Ÿ™‚
(I’m too tied to type it all up on here again!)

So for now you’ll have to endure some envious views this morning of the sunrise and some selfies ๐Ÿ™‚

Sleep well everyone. โค






Tuesday the day of smart choices and sale bargains.

Today I spent the day with my sister (when I should have been doing uni work!)
I also left the man’s house and came back to mine ready for uni tomorrow ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

It feels so odd being apart from him.

I bought a new yoga mat today and one for him too, and some little ankle/wrist weights (all of which were in the sale!!!)

I am so excited for this year.
I’m going to smash it out of the park.



My day in short

I am swapped with deadlines I probably should have sorted by now. So I shall keep it nice and short this evening.


Today I ate porridge for breakfast yum yum yum!

I then spent the morning studying.

Then I spent the afternoon styudying.

Then the man and I went for an evening walk.

Now we’re watching The Devil Wears Prada (for uni and me) and my lovely man is helping take notes and watching with me โค

Afternoon walk, lots of fresh air and exercise.

A collection of pictures from my wonderful winter afternoon walk with my wonderful man โค

I hope you have all had a glorious Sunday โค

Katie Hopkins – A review and an open letter to you.

So Katie Hopkins newย two-part documentary, My Fat Story, was aired recently on TLC.

The programme that was designed to show that fat people are just lazy and that losing weight is simple. Just stop eating so much (her words.)

“Being obese, being fat, being overweight, has become the new normal, and I disagree with that. I really believe for fat people, the solution is in your own hands. They don’t need to put so much into their faces. So take that fat bastards.”

(Source of quote:

Regardless of whether I agree with her or not (I don’t for the record) the first thought that comes to mind isn’t; Why is she so intent on fat shaming so many people? But it is; Why does she have no filter or regard for peoples feelings? She isn’t just stating her opinion she is being malicious and spiteful. She also does not even try to hide how happy being cruel makes her. She enjoys the controversy, she enjoys people talking about her. But in the long run who suffers?It isn’t her, clearly she is thick skinned and can take the torrent backlash of abuse she receives.

The real victim of her abuse isn’t even us ‘fat’ people. It is her children. Her children who will always been known as Katie Hopkins children, their weight will always be on their minds, she has unknowingly given them a weight complex. In a few years if she is still gracing everyone with her hideous words then what about her poor children then? What about her girls who are reaching teenage hood and are conscious of their bodies anyway, now they will have the added pressure of being the children of Katie Hopkins – they certainly can’t get fat can they? Or retain their childhood ‘puppy fat’ for too long for fear of being ridiculed by the media and anyone else who Hopkins has offended and don’t get me started on the ridicule they will no doubt receive from the woman herself.

Katie I applaud you on piling the pounds on and then losing them again, you showed that weight loss is possible. But hang on, we knew that! Everyone knows you CAN lose weight.

What you didn’t show is the personal struggle and turmoil people go through. The often years of self hate, self mutilation and self loathing.

You didn’t show what being fat is like. You showed what being fat is like for a person who is used to being small. You didn’t show what being fat was like for a person with food demons. People who have struggled with their weight, some of us for our entire lives.

Motivation: your motivation was the TV crew recording, the whole world watching waiting for you to fuck up (sorrynotsorry.)

I like so many other people wanted you, hell WILLED you to fail.

So naturally of course you didn’t. But that is an unrealistic level of motivation for the general public to uphold.

We don’t have someone filming us when we wake up, when we make breakfast. What we do have is our food demons and they stay with us 24 hours a day. For example see this scenario.

You’ve been struggling to sleep for days, you’re stressed to the max about everything, work is difficult at the moment, the children are hard work and the marriage is strained.

Your weight loss plan: Wake up so tired want to kick the TV crew however, there is a TV crew so best get in the kitchen and make a healthy breakfast. Yes grapefruit, porridge or whatever – just what I craved (note the sarcasm.)

A general plus size persons plan: Wake up so tired. Children are screaming and you need something. You go to the kitchen with the intent of making something healthy however upon opening the fridge you see the bacon smiling at you ever so sweetly. You cave, you’re so tired, you’re run down and your old friend the food demon is there telling you to ‘treat yourself, you deserve it.’ So you do. Then afterwards the onset of the guilt starts. You were doing so well on your diet but now you’ve gone and blown it. More often than not the next stop is more food, more guilt and more self hate. Until you eventually realise (one biscuit later or one day later or a month later) that the only person preventing you from losing weight is you.

Oh and obviously the day where the food demon wins crops up through out the year and through out your weight loss journey.

So Katie could you handle that? Would you show the general public that?

You Katie are a UK Size 8. How could you ever understand the thoughts that cross peoples mind, especially ones who have been overweight for a long time. Have you experienced the taunts they have? Have you experienced the self hate whilst looking in the mirror? The hysterical tears in a changing room when you can’t find anything that fits and looks nice. The internal struggle over what you know you should have and what you actually want. Have you experienced comfort eating everything in sight because you are so low and that food ย if only for a moment brings you joy – yet on the flip side you are greeted with on set of guilt. Have you experienced this vicious circle?

You humiliate and publicly fat shame people too often and now you’ve had to take it one stop further and record a bloody programme doing it all over again. Why?

Do you think your words encourage sometime to step up and lose some weight or do they send people into a more reclusive state?

What you could have done if you were so intent on showing people how ‘easy’ it is to lose weight. Is to include overweight people in your show. Show their journeys. Show their struggles and help them. Had you succeeded you would have received a much different reaction from people I’m sure.

You haven’t shown it is easy to lose weight.

You have failed on proving that all ‘fat’ people are just lazy “fat bastards”.

You have succeeded ย in showing us that you will go the extremes just to humiliate, ostracise and taunt people.

You have succeeded in insulting even more of the population by saying this:

“It’s a simple fact that if you shove too many doughnuts in you, you will never make a size 8 or 10, and size 12 is clearly a size called Fat.”

(Source of quote:

You have succeeded in securing the most hated title.

And now I find myself 1000+ words in on a rant that will only put your name out there more.

So on a final note.

I may be fat but at least I can change that, you Hopkins will always be a bitch and if I were ever unfortunate enough to encounter you I would break my diet wonderfully shovelling everything fattening in my greedy chops before ‘accidentally’ knocking you to the floor with my rather large and rather fat bottom.

Weekend inspiration.

Do it for you.
This journey is yours.
And if anyone has the audacity to suggest you can’t do this, then prove them bloody wrong.

And make sure you flaunt your beautiful self the entire way through.
We are beautiful as we are, we shouldn’t be ashamed of wanting to improve ourselves/ our health etc.

Just think when we reach our goal weight they are going to be gutted they could never look as good as we do ๐Ÿ˜‰

So f**k the haters.

This is YOUR journey, not theirs.







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