Wednesdays post on a Thursday. Back to Falmouth University.

For those of you who don’t know I am currently in my second year at Falmouth University in Cornwall, studying for a BA Hons degree in Journalism. So between working in Penzance at the weekend, attending Falmouth University during the week and writing I really am a busy girl travelling up and down Cornwall! Today I went back to university after our Christmas break – I was meant to go back on Monday but I was having a mini break down over essays haha! We do have Tuesdays off though so I only missed one lecture. I was awake super early so I had time to shower and prepare breakfast (insert my mums voice saying “it’s the most important meal of the day.”) I kept it simple with a mix of grapes and strawberries and then a banana a little later. It was good to get back as much as I had been dreading it and lovely to see everyone. In our Wednesday morning lectures I sit next to my friend Alice. I’ve noticed that at uni I’m often guilty of eating things on this weight loss journey that she is allergic to. Strawberries and popcorn, two of my favourite things and two of her arch enemies. Today I was on form with my strawberries. Sorry Alice, and thank you for putting up with my love of both strawberries and popcorn! She doesn’t mind though provided they aren’t too close as she is incredibly supportive of this journey 🙂 She has an excellent blog also if you fancy a little nose, I am sure she won’t mind…

The main silver lining in attending university, even in the darkest days smothered in essays, presentations and deadlines is the canteen. I know I know a chubby girl commending the University for its excellence in food is terribly predictable 😉 but it’s true. Apart from ‘Meat-free Mondays’ I have no complaints! Today I opted for spinach and lentil curry. It was delicious. I did get given a big portion mind (code for she’s chubby – she likes her food, pile it up!) so couldn’t finish it all! And tonight I opted for greek yoghurt, granola and raisins with a little honey and some grapes. I am really bloody enjoying this journey. curryblog


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