Is going public about your weight-loss journey the ‘weigh’ to go?

“We know that the road to long term Weight Loss Success is a bumpy one and that like anything else, the going gets easier if you have a buddy to share your diet ups and downs.  Studies have shown that surrounding yourself with a good support network may help to spur you on, increasing weight loss and long term success.”

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If you choose a plan like slimming world, weight watchers etc. you will more often than not attend a weekly meeting, some thrive in these opportunities and their success has shown. The weekly weigh-ins, the companionship, the support people get from these meetings is not only encouraging to peoples journeys but also highly rewarding.

But for people that don’t opt for these plans what else is out there? Or for the people who do attend groups and want to meet other people too?

I started my blog a little over a year ago, now admittedly I knew other people were bound to be writing about the same subject but I hadn’t really come across many.

Fast forward a year and I have discovered a support network spanning the world and I’m still discovering more people and inspirational stories.

Everyone has their own reason to embark on a fitness and health journey and everyone is fighting their own demons so naturally not everyone wants to be so public with their journey. But that doesn’t mean you have to face this task alone.

But studies do suggest that going public really is the way to go. So whether you want to document your journey or not you can share in other people’s journeys.

Start with Instagram it is a MASSIVE inspiration for me. Seeing other peoples food really helps when making your own food choices, discovering different recipes and food combinations you would never have thought of! Seeing people’s progress pictures on days when you really don’t think it is possible. So stalk away (not literally that is still illegal!)

I have said this on many occasions but I’ll say it again, I find soooooo much inspiration from people that follow my journey, that interact with me and share their journeys. Everyone one of you that takes the time to read what I write, share my story, look at my pictures or take tips and even what not to do tips! Even those who do so silently or stumble across me by accident. So please enjoy this new opportunity that social media, smart phones and the internet has given us.

If you haven’t got Instagram download it, if you don’t want to share your personal story that’s fine, but how about a food diary through photos? It works for me, I spend time deciding what I want to eat, and preparing it to look appealing and then I photograph and share it. It encourages me to make the right food choices for my journey.

Like I mentioned above I also love stumbling across other peoples journeys so even if you don’t want to share your journey seek out other peoples and find inspiration to keep you motivated. You are not alone.

© Sarah Woodside

© Sarah Woodside

© Sarah Woodside

© Sarah Woodside

You will often find that many people sharing their journey publicly on Instagram also share their journey through other forums like blogs and Facebook pages. So seek out these too.


Which brings me to my final statement on this for tonight…

Calling all bloggers, Facebook page owners, tweeters, instgramers (I know that’s not a real word 😛 !!) or anyone else sharing their journey leave your link in the comment I want to know who you are, let’s meet more awesome people on this journey. Even if you and I already know one another leave your link so more people can meet you.


Until next time I’m offer to gobble a mini twister for 45 calories!!!


2 thoughts on “Is going public about your weight-loss journey the ‘weigh’ to go?

  1. Hello!you already know me but I think this is a great idea and would love to meet others on our journey! My Instagram is tishtash1989, Twitter is @SlimmingItMyWay and I’m on Facebook as Slimming it my way too.Hope people can find me like I want to find them!xx

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