Fat List

My Fat List

Instead of a bucket list this is a list of things I will do when I have lost weight. It is a mix of things I physically cannot do any more and also things I’m too embarrassed to do.

This cheeky little list is a wonderful motivational tool, seeing all the things you can’t or won’t do because of your size gives the extra motivation to lose weight so you can do those things.

So here goes… here is my list:

1) Go to Alton Towers – I loved theme parks as a kid but there is no point in me going now as I highly doubt my big boobs, belly and bum will be secure or even fit in!

2) Go swimming with my niece and nephews – This is confidence, I have this irrational fear that friends of the little people will see me and thus tease them so no swimming in public before I’m confident that I won’t embarrass anyone but myself!

3) Skydive – This is a standard bucket list activity however currently I am way way way too porky to even contemplate it!

4) Bungee Jump – As above.

5) Buy an item of clothing from Topshop – Not because I love Topshop clothes but because currently they don’t even have pants that would go around my bum!

6) Have babies – I could do this now (not that the boyfriend or parents would be impressed) but let’s be honest it would be hard everything now – hard to conceive, hard pregnancy and poor midwives helping with the hard labour! I want to be able to run in the park, play football and not look like a tomato or fear I may collapse!

7) Wear whatever I bloody well want – I do this now but within reason there are certain items of clothing I wouldn’t even contemplate buying because I know I am too big to pull it off!

8) Go horse riding – without fearing I’ll break the horses back.

9) Buy some sexy underwear (sorry dad if you read this) I am lucky that I have found a wonderful man who loves me for me but wouldn’t it be a nice treat for him if I got smaller and then flaunted around in a lace camisole or basque?!

10) Wear heels!! If i’m honest I don’t like heels much anyway however they hurt sooooo much currently with all this weight on the balls of my feet that I refuse to wear them! Wore heels for my sisters wedding ceremony and switched to flats as soon as I got to the reception! So it’s time to last a night out in heels with minimum moans and no changing shoes!!!

11) And finally go travelling – this is something I wouldn’t do chubby – I want to be able to grab every opportunity that comes my way and I have more of a chance if I am smaller! Could you imagine my chubster self doing a rainforest trek now? Or building houses in Africa? I think not!

So what would be on your list, let me know.

Originally posted 18-09-2014


8 thoughts on “Fat List

  1. I went to the beach with my niece (in a bathing suit) and swam with her when I weighed 305 lbs. My niece was ten months old at the time (I don’t know if she knew how fat I was or was ashamed of me). That summer was the first time I attempted to get sober and rather than be ashamed of myself for being so fat, I was so grateful that my sister let me be around ny niece.

    • Aww good for you I’m so happy you did that šŸ™‚

      My niece and nephews have never said anything mean (apart from the inquisitive “why are you so fat Aunty Sarah?” When they were very young and just curious!) I think I fear more about embarrassing them then they do! xxx

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