My go to food:Ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

After speaking to a range of people, it’s clear that a lot of us struggle with ideas of what to eat. I know from personal experience that I am more likely to ‘give-up’ on my diet lifestyle change when I get bored of eating the same thing. It is nice to have some variety and enjoy your food even if you are watching the calories.

So here are some of my go to ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner. What are your go to meals? Please share your recipes and ideas in the comments, so we can all try something new.


Porridge – I love it so that helps! I add anything I fancy to it in the morning. Fresh fruit, baked apple and cinnamon, a little honey or plain.

Greek Yoghurt – I tend to use either FAGE 0% Fat or Yeo Valley 0% Fat. I top with either a banana, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, honey, or about 30g of plain gluten free granola (or home-made when I’ve had the time to make it!) I sometimes switch up my yoghurts and get some flavoured ones (cherry/strawberry etc.) I get the healthiest ones I can find by comparing all the labels!!

Poached egg, grilled bacon, fried in coconut oil (my oil of choice, substitute for your choice* olive oil, fry-lite etc.) half a tin of baked beans and a slice of wholemeal toast (I try not to use spread on my toast but occasionally I do!)


Egg Muffins *Recipe here.

At the weekends, we’ll have something like a bacon sandwich or banana pancakes as a treat. Mix it up just stick within your plan and don’t go mad. Cheat days don’t mean everything you eat is a treat – I’ve done this – then felt guilty for days and gone into starvation mode – then eat everything in sight mode – one week later I’m back on track haha! If you want to go out for breakfast do it, just don’t also have a takeaway in the evening unless you’ve done some serious exercise.


75g wholewheat pasta with tuna.

Tinned tuna salad with sesame seed ryvittas.

A big salad – add anything you fancy.

Homemade veggie soup.

Chicken breast and vegetables.



Homemade clean spaghetti bolognaise (I never use jars – just a personal choice, I prefer to home make everything where possible), with either whole-wheat spaghetti or spirilised courgettes.

Chicken, vegtables, with a small jacket potato or sweet potato.

Home-made oven baked sweet potato chips and clean home-made burgers.

Steak and mushrooms, green beans.

Roast – chicken, sweet potato mash, carrots, veg etc.

Jacket Potato

Home-made Stew/Casserole (I make in the slow cooker using only stock and herbs to flavour.)


Sweet Potato topped cottage pie.

Snacks – fruits, frozen grapes (10 per portion though as the natural sugars are high!), hummus with carrot or cucumber sticks, salad, vegetables or for the sweet tooth, dark choc chips and chuppa chup mini lollipops (only 5 cals in each lolly!!).

Drinks – water, green tea, decaf tea, sugar free squash.


If you have any healthy recipes on your blog share the link in the comments.


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