Slimming World Week 1: How did I find it and will it work for you?

On my last post be prepared it’s a long one, I briefly explained why I finally took the plunge and rejoined Slimming World after years of avoiding it. I knew I needed the support, but the additional support wasn’t the only reason, in fact there were many factors which led to me walking into my first meeting.

So what were they, how are they working for me and will they work for you?

  1. The weekly weigh in.
  2. FOOD!!
  3. The stickers and certificates.

The weekly weigh in. I needed the regime of a weekly weigh in, of course I could do this at home, however for me weighing yourself and having someone weigh you are two very different things.

I can become a little very obsessed with the sad step, morning weigh ins, mid day weigh ins, after the toilet weigh ins (<— sometimes a toilet stop could be a 2lb difference hahaha, always go before weigh in!!) Basically If I was in the bathroom I was on the scales!! I don’t want to live my life determined by the scales, the number does not reflect me as a person or define my self worth, but by weighing every day and at every possible moment it was becoming a big factor of my journey. It would encourage unhealthy habits, if I didn’t see the number going down as fast as I would like for example I would restrict my food intake, fast and guzzle down litres upon litres of water until I was satisfied I was making good progress. Equally if I saw the numbers go down quickly I would find it easier to let myself have a ‘treat’ after all I’d already lost a good amount!!! I also discovered that by moving my scales around my bathroom floor my weight could vary by 8lbs!!

For some people having scales at home and weighing daily keeps them on track and motivated. I am not one of those people.

So why is the weekly weigh in working for me? It has allowed me to stop putting so much focus on the scales, it has also given me a consistent account of my weight, with my home scales the numbers can vary which doesn’t always give me a true reading.  At group the same scales are used, I weigh at the same time and the same place every week thus satisfying me with a true reading. Once a week is enough for me, it lets me go through my journey week by week and seeing the end results and my achievement. This journey is about applauding yourself every step of the way, by weighing once a week I can confidently keep track of my journey and success.

When I weighed at home it could often be an anti-climax, especially if the scales didn’t say what I was hoping for. I could commiserate with a big bowl of my favourite sugary cereal if needed (<– it was never needed!!!) Whereas the weekly weigh ins offer the support I need, they give you a pat on the back when you’ve done well and pick you up when you are disappointed with your results. On top of that the fear of being the only one in group who has put weight on definitely keeps me on track, keeps me motivated and keeps me determined to try my best!!

FOOD!! I didn’t get to this size by hating food, I love food, I’ve tried endless diets that restrict or eliminate certain foods, and yes I lost weight, but I couldn’t sustain the plan, I was too damn hungry, angry and unhappy!! I need food. We can all stop drinking alcohol, or smoking or taking drugs, but we can’t stop eating food, we need it to survive and food is my drug of choice.

Slimming World lets me eat, and not just eat rabbit food as my dad used to call it, it lets me eat real food and big portions! In my first week I ate; stews, chips, pasta, rice, potatoes and chocolate! The plan is simple and easy to follow, it doesn’t restrict what you can and can’t have it puts you in control. This is your journey so you find the path that works for you.

For me I need sweet things, I have a massive sweet teeth, yes I love other ‘naughty’ things like pizza, takeaways and pies!! But I love chocolate and anything sweet!! With Slimming World I can still have them!! The plan is so simple to follow!! Broken down into sections, Free Food (including Speed), Health Extras A and B and then 5-15 syns per day to spend on slightly unhealthier things!!

The syns are a massive part of why I’m 7 weeks in without slipping once! Some people choose to spend their syns on things like, oil, spread on their toast, jam etc. I like to cook as syn free as possible so then in the evenings – my worst time for hunger and eating – I can satisfy my sweet tooth and little piggy self with some treats. My favourites are, mini twister lollies 2syns, curly wurlys 6 syns and snow rolls 2 syns.

And just to prove that with this plan you can eat real food and big portions and still lose weight I have included a photo gallery at the bottom of this post of just SOME of the food I ate in week one, all of which was on plan and helped me lose 8.5lb come weigh in.

The stickers and certificates. I’m not ashamed to admit it I am one of those people that needs an occasional pat on the back and will always appreciate a well done! It helps keep me on the right path, I have a long journey ahead of me*, my weight loss journey will not be a quick one, at the beginning I was facing losing the weight of another person!! That will not happen overnight! I need to celebrate my achievements and milestones along the way, losing weight is hard work and we deserve to feel smug when we’ve done well. Believe me it’s not easy watching the man eat EVERYTHING I want!! Syns keep me satisfied but it’s still torture watching him eat pizza, packets of haribo and bars of chocolate! So feeling proud of my progress when I get a new certificate or sticker definitely reminds me of how well I’m doing and that not giving in to temptation was and is certainly worth it to feel this good!!!

*Look out for a future post about setting a target!!!

So how was my first week and what are my tips to anyone looking to join?

I loved loved loved my first week as you’ll see from the pictures below I didn’t miss out on food! I also didn’t feel like I was on a diet, switching out things like oil for frylite was easy in this household and I still cooked home made, hearty meals I just adapted them to the plan. The food was a hit with the man also which is always a bonus!! By the latter part of the week I was counting down the days until the next weigh in, feeling determined and confident with how I’d done.

For me variety is the spice of life, I made sure I switched up my breakfasts, lunches and tried not to eat the same dinner in the week, getting bored on plans is one of the main reasons I slip off the wagon. So get in the kitchen, get creating and have some variety!

Stalk stalk stalk. I love Instagram and sooooo many lovely men and women are sharing their journies and food diaries. This inspiration helped give me ideas and motivate me from week one. I like a lot of people start most days with a quick flick through my newsfeed whilst still wiping sleep from me eyes, seeing my Instagram feed full of healthy breakfast choices and ideas I would never have thought of meant I instantly started my day positively in regards to the plan.

I also share all my food on my Instagram account, it helps keep me on track and accountable of what i’ve eaten!! Drop your username in the comments for me to have a nose please!

To anyone looking to join GO FOR IT, what’s the worst that could happen! Weight loss is a personal journey and to anyone on a different plan or ‘diet’ good luck, well done and tell me all about it in the comments!! I applaud anyone who is on this hard journey, no matter the healthy path you are taking, but for me right now I am officially loving Slimming World!!!!


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