Why now? What’s my secret?

As you all know by now I am a converted Slimming World lover. I always knew the plan worked, having previously tried it in my teens, however as I got older the excuses just got bigger.

Two main reasons kept me from joining sooner, the first was time. I convinced myself that I didn’t have the time to go to group. A full-time student with a part time job, plus just spending time with my family and the man left not a lot of free time! But in reality this was just an excuse.

There are so many Slimming World groups out there, morning, evening, mid week, weekend, you name it there is a group nearby. I was also naive to assume there wasn’t an online option, of course there is! So if you really don’t have free time this may be the route for you.

A work in progress, size 26 dress on the left and size 20/18 on the right. © Sarah Woodside

A work in progress, size 26 dress on the left and size 20/18 on the right. © Sarah Woodside

I chose the Monday morning group near my home, firstly because it was nearby, I knew I’d be more likely to attend if it was close to my house! Secondly because one of my downfalls with eating is the weekend, having group on Monday morning is an incentive to stay on plan, I don’t want to let my hard work all week go to waste by being ‘off plan’ at the weekend. If I weighed in on a Saturday morning I know I would be more likely to have a ‘treat’!!

The second was money, I couldn’t justify the weekly fee as a poor student, even working a part time job alongside my studies I didn’t have the disposable income to pay weekly.  I still don’t have the spare money but it’s worth the weekly fee. If we can afford Sky TV then I can afford the money spent on bettering my quality of life and health!!

So after convincing myself for so long that I didn’t have time or money to attend group, I gave myself some home truths, stopped making excuses and mustered up the courage to join a group and I have not looked back since.

I joined on the 2nd May this year, and now 14 weeks later I am 3 stone 6.5 pounds lighter. There are no tricks or secrets to my weight loss, I have simply worked hard and stayed on plan.

Naturally with a start weight of nearly 22 stone I expected the weight losses to be fairly substantial at the beginning of my journey, but they have stayed that way because I am determined and motivated and I work bloody hard. Apart from a few treats for my birthday I have spent every single day since walking into my first meeting on plan. I have spent so long being unhappy in my own skin [blog post about finding my motivation coming soon] and I don’t want that any more so I am determined to work hard and see results. Every pound that comes off is a pound I never want to see again!

The benefit of Slimming World is it really is a plan that can work for anyone, you just have to find your rhythm and find what works best for you.

© Sarah Woodside

Mini Smarties 3.5 syns, Beef Puft 3.5 syns, 50g of my favourite sweets 8 syns © Sarah Woodside

Prior to joining my food choices were always 99% good during the day, the evening has always been my downfall, I could eat a perfectly healthy and balanced breakfast, lunch and dinner and then ruin the day by consuming in excess of 1500 calories on sweets, chocolate and crisps in the space of a few hours before bed.

With Slimming World I can still be that little piggy in the evening, I simply save my syns.


I know my sweet tooth is my downfall, some people avoid them completely, one bite of a curly wurly and they are reaching for the family size dairy milk bar, if I avoid all the naughtiness I love I simply crave it more, making me more likely to binge.

By having a little of what I fancy within my syns each day I don’t feel like i’m missing out, I can still eat the things I want but this time I am in control. I spend my syns wisely and make every syn count and this helps me stay on plan. I don’t feel the need to binge because I get to enjoy the naughty food I love (hello chocolate) and still lose weight! Since starting I have always used 15 syns and most days I use all of them, it’s worked for me so far, further on down the line I may reduce them, but for now they are there to be spent and this girl is spending them!!

Caramel Freddo 4.5 syns, Buttons 4.5 syns, Milkybar 6 syns. © Sarah Woodside

Caramel Freddo 4.5 syns, Buttons 4.5 syns, Milkybar 6 syns. © Sarah Woodside

So what do I eat? I post ALL my main meals on my Instagram page – diaryofafatenglishgirl – so if you’re on Instagram head over for visual updates and meal ideas.

Brunch, I don’t tend to eat breakfast, if I have breakfast I am starving by lunchtime, if I have a big brunch then it keeps my nice and full until dinner. My go to is poached eggs, I love them!!! With ham and spinach or baked beans and mushrooms. I always follow them with a piece of fruit.

Snacks, I snack wisely I use my hifi’s if i’m feeling stressed or emotional and want to eat my feelings other than that I snack on fruit and veg.

Dinner, I cannot stress enough, variety is the spice of life. This is a lifestyle plan, you aren’t going to eat the same seven meals in rotation for the rest of your life, get experimenting and spice it up. We have some firm favourites in this house I admit; spaghetti bolognese, cottage pie, curry, but we also try new things weekly!

I don’t cook two meals either, the man has what I have I just tweak the meal for him if I need to. For example, if I’m doing a speed day then he’ll still have potatoes and if we have mash then we mash in separate bowls so he can add as much rubbish as he feels is necessary (which is usually far too much).

Attached below are some pictures of my daily entries from my food diary to give you an idea of what I eat on an average day, like I said earlier I post all my main meals on my Instagram page. Now I have finished university I am going to build up my recipe section on my blog with my favourite Slimming World friendly meals. If you are struggling talk to others, stalk some Instagram pages and read the books. Diets aren’t fun but a lifestyle change like Slimming World doesn’t have to feel as restrictive as a diet, have fun with it and enjoy the journey. Think of why you are doing it and remind yourself of how well you’ve done so far, I have said this time and time again but weight loss is hard work so be proud of your journey.

What would you like to see next on my blog? As always let me know your thoughts in the comments.


5 thoughts on “Why now? What’s my secret?

  1. I would like to know how much exercising you are doing alongside this please.
    5 weeks in,first stone gone but would like to lose a little more each week.x

    • Hello. I tend to walk between 7000 steps – 10,000 steps a day and at weekends that goes up to 12,000 – 14,000. Walking is my main form of exercise I do have a gym membership but haven’t been in a while and I got to a dance class but have only recently joined (only been to two classes.)

      Well done on your loss so far 🙂 xxxx

  2. I just want to say you are such an inspiration. Loosing weight and being happy with yourself is bloody hard, and I’m so glad I found you on Instagram because you’re so relatable and great to follow. Keep up the good work, it’s not only benefiting you, but people like me too. So thank you.

  3. Hello, I just posted a comment and it dissapeared! So if it re-appears sorry for posting this twice!!
    I just wanted to say thank you for being such an inspiration. Loosing weight and being happy in your own skin is bloody hard work and you’re doing such an amazing job. I’m so glad I found you on Instagram, you’re so relatable and great to follow. So keep it up, not only for yourself but for people like me who honestly love following you and your progress and using it as inspiration to work hard myself. So thank you.

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