The Birth: Part One

I’ve often heard many people say that from the moment you see the positive pregnancy test you’re a mother and it is so true, you fall in love instantly and your need to protect this little life kicks in immediately. You grow and carry your little one for nine months, you feel every movement, wriggle, kick and hiccup. You spend months imagining your life with the little miracle growing inside of you and if you are anything like me you try not to think about the exit route.

Of course I knew he had to come out I just didn’t focus on it. My strategy was simple turn up and let it happen, what will be will be. In the early days of my pregnancy I was very eager to try hypnobirthing and if we are lucky enough to fall pregnant again I will definitely look into this. This time around every time I mentioned it to my nearest and dearest they just laughed. Let’s face it, I am a cry baby, I am emotional and the likelihood of my staying calm and rational when in pain was slim, they knew that, I on the other hand spent months convincing myself otherwise. I told myself I was going to zone out and go with the pain, spoiler alert I didn’t, I morphed into an actual banshee, but more on that later.

My labour didn’t start naturally, after numerous episodes of reduced movements the decision to induce me early was made. Any pregnant woman who has experienced reduced movement will tell you how horrific it is for a mother to not feel your baby move. They install in you from the beginning of your pregnancy to recognise your babies pattern of movement so that’s what I did, I knew when he was more likely to be active and when he was less likely.

Countless times I cried when he hadn’t moved and convinced myself that something terrible was going to happen and I was going to lose my baby. So we’d pick up my green notes and I’d make my partner drive me the 26 miles there and back to our hospital. We were back and forth to the hospital so much that I am sure the parking company will be having Bollinger at their Christmas party this year and not Lidl’s finest, they certainly made some money from us during this pregnancy!

But I had to get checked, even though my little monkey often started wriggling on the drive up or as soon as we were hooked up to the CTG machine. A few people said “you just want to hear his heartbeat” and “you just want him here sooner” whenever we’d make our way home with the all clear. But of course that wasn’t it, the simple fact is I was the only one who could feel him move, I knew when he had moved and when he hadn’t, and if anything had happened and I could have done something to help and I chose to wait a little bit longer, I couldn’t have lived with myself. It’s that simple. I needed to protect him. So even though I’m positive I got an eye roll from a few of the midwives (on more than once occasion) when I rocked up again (and again) I still went to get him checked.

The final episode of reduced movement was just after I’d reached 39 weeks pregnant, after speaking to a consultant the decision was made to induce me. It wasn’t a decision we took lightly, we understood the risks, but we felt it was the best option to get our little man here safely.

Our labour story started on the morning of Sunday 25th June 2017 when I was 39 weeks and 3 days pregnant and it continued until our little man arrived at 4:59am on Tuesday 27th June 2017.


* Read more about the importance of tracking your babies movement here.


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