RECIPE: Creamy Potatoes

Recently I've been craving dauphinoise potatoes, but lets face it the syns are astronomical. So I set about making an alternative low syn/syn free version. Ingredients:PotatoesChicken stockPhiladelphia lightReduced fat cheddarSeasoningMethod:Thinly slice peeled potatoes. How many you use is entirely up to you! Once sliced layer the potatoes in an oven dish, seasoning every other layer.Make … Continue reading RECIPE: Creamy Potatoes


The Birth: Part Two

The Birth: Part One touched on the lead up to labour and why we opted for an induction. This post goes into all the brutal and bloody details, you've been warned. If you are pregnant and approaching your own labour then my advise would be to stop reading now and come back after the birth, … Continue reading The Birth: Part Two