When is the right time to take people up on their offer of babysitting?

I’m going to keep things short and sweet. The right time is whenever you feel ready.

I know mums who have left their baby (in good hands) after a week.

I also know mums who have waited until their baby was 12 months old.

It all depends on how you feel. There is no right or wrong time.

Some people feel they need their own time, couple time, or just a few hours away from thinking everything baby. If this is you, then that is fine, there is nothing wrong with feeling like this. Some people don’t want to be without their baby. Equally there is nothing wrong with this either, if this is you then don’t feel pressured by others to give in stand your ground.

Neither is wrong.

Personally I don’t feel the need for a babysitter. I have plenty of people who have already offered and it’s nothing to do with not trusting people or even attachment issues. It’s simply the fact that I enjoy spending time with my baby and don’t feel the need for respite.

Prior to Arlo I didn’t have a very active social life, I don’t drink, you wouldn’t find me out partying at the weekends and maternity pay certainly wouldn’t allow for that even if I did.

I simply don’t need a babysitter. Do people still keep asking? Of course they do, do I feel bad saying no all the time, yes! But I’m going to keep saying no until I feel ready.

To everyone out there in these precious babies lives, we know you are itching to babysit and spend time alone with the baby.

But either way. Respect the parents wishes. If they have said yes then enjoy it! If they have said no then bear in mind it doesn’t mean never, it just means not now!

To all the mums and dads out there remember it is your baby do what’s right for you, always.


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