What’s in my changing bag?

This post is an insight into my changing bag. I am of a nosy disposition and I always wonder what people are carrying around in their mum bags. So this if for all of you lot like me. If you really couldn’t care less then equally I understand, so just scroll on by no hard feelings!

What’s in my changing bag?

Muslin – Can you ever have enough muslin? Arlo always has a muslin to fall asleep with, it offers him some comfort so I would never be without one. They also come in handy for sick mishaps and at bottle time.

Spare clothes – I always have a minimum of two body suits, at least one outfit, socks and a sleepsuit. Lets be honest babies are unpredictable,  you could go through the whole day with no mess or equally you could have a poonami followed by a sick explosion. Personally I think it’s better to be prepared for any incident. Just ask my partner Tom, one mention of the sling meet poo explosion and he is thankful of the spare outfit. I won’t divulge any further as that’s being saved for an upcoming blog post!

Dribble bibs and bibs – My baby sure can drool, he is an early teether so the dribble struggle is real, I always have two spare dribble bibs, plus a bib for when he has a bottle, he’s a milk monster and doesn’t tend to waste a drop but to prevent getting a dribble/milk rash I always use a bib.

Wipes and nappies – An obvious one it would seem but again look out for the post discussing the sling meet poo explosion – all I’ll say is the man was in charge of packing the bag that day. I don’t have a preference on nappies, however I tend to mostly use Aldi, Lidl and Tesco, usually buying whatever is on offer, I love a bargain and I don’t see the point in spending extra money for the sake of it especially when the cheaper brands work just as well, lets be honest expensive or cheap they all end up filled with shit. The same goes for wipes, I tend to buy boxes of wipes whenever there is a baby event on, I prefer sensitive wipes but purely because I have temperamental skin and baby wipes double up as makeup remover wipes in my house and sensitive ones suit my skin better.

Feeding book – I love my feeding book from Retro From Scratch, it was a gift from my sister at my baby shower and we don’t go anywhere without it. It is basically a little book with space to note down the times of Arlo’s bottles, how much he drank, whether or not his nappy was full of wee or poo, his sleep pattern and if he’s had any medicine. I can be a little forgetful so I like having everything written down, I have found it has also helped when he’s been under the weather and Doctors or Health Visitors have asked about his milk consumption. I was able to quickly grab my book and tell them exactly what he has drunk. In the early days when I tried and failed at breastfeeding (will link back here when I finally finish that blog post) I wrote down L or R so I would remember which boob he had fed from because lets face it in the early days when you are super sleep deprived I couldn’t remember the day let alone which boob he’d been let loose on most recently.

Milk – Arlo is formula fed so how much milk I take is dependant on how long we are going to be out of the house. I tend to feed him every three to four hours, he sleeps for a good 11-12 hours at night so I don’t let him cry for milk I just stick to the same routine. In the early days I fed on demand, but as he started to sleep more he would happily go up to six hours in between feeds which meant at the end of the day he hadn’t really drunk a lot. So by offering him every three to four hours I know he’s not going hungry. He usually drinks four or five bottles a day, but these are big bottles! His morning bottle and bed time bottle are 8oz and during the day he drinks 7oz. That is a lot for a little man, he’s a porker. He definitely got mummy’s fat gene but luckily he got daddy’s tall gene and is very long. Any less than 7oz and he cries and cries until he is topped up!! I am aware that completely contradicts what I said about him not crying for milk, to clarify, he doesn’t tend to cry much in between feeds but once hes got milk he becomes a baby possessed if you dare take it away from him before he’s finished!

Disclaimer – Before anyone tells me he is drinking too much it has been discussed with many a health visitor and we’ve all decided that it works for him. Each baby is different mine is just a hungry little chub. 

So that being said I always have spare bottles in my bag (just in case), a bottle with hot water in an insulated bottle bag (sometimes two) and my little pot with my measured milk powder.

Bag of tricks – The final thing to feature in my changing bag is my bag of tricks. As I said above babies are unpredictable and some may argue i’m being a tad ridiculous for carrying all of the following with me but I would rather be prepared for every scenario than find myself needing something that I don’t have.

Calpol – magic little medicine only used when necessary, I don’t use it willy nilly I can assure you. I also personally choose the sugar free version.

Ear thermometer – if you ever ring 111 about your poorly baby they will always ask what your little ones temperature is, i’m not about to guess, I want to know the exact number. His thermometer is always with us just in case.

Infacol – to be honest we don’t use this anymore so this may find itself removed from the bag of tricks very soon. When he was suffering with colic I had a bottle of this miracle worker pretty much in every room of the house so it was only natural it would be in the changing bag.

Cold remedies – Arlo has already had his first cold so now just to be on the safe side I carry olbas for children, snuffle babe and saline nasal spray.

An assortment of nappy rash creams, Arlo has never had nappy rash cream, I put this down to three things. Luck, frequent nappy changes and the fact I cover him in cream even though he doesn’t need it.

Teething remedies – As I mentioned Arlo is an early teether, you can almost see his little vampire fang poking through, on a day to day basis he copes differently so I have a variety of things to help him. Teething gel, teething necklace, nuby chewbies teether, tommee tippee stage 1 easy reach teether, and some random banana shaped teether which I think is actually designed to introduce babies to teeth brushing but Arlo loves chewing it on it to help his gums.

And that is it. My changing bag is always over flowing and I imagine as soon as he starts weaning it’s only going to get fuller filled with snacks and more clothes!!

What are your changing bag essentials? Let me know in the comments.

Update – I forgot the most important thing, spare dummy! Dum dums is life in this household can not leave the house without a spare one (or two.)


2 thoughts on “What’s in my changing bag?

  1. A nice #mumhack for you if u want one!! I also always carry calpol with me but got annoyed with the bottle and syringes also I always sterilise my syringe before use so as soon as it went in my changing bag it was basically useless to me!! You can get sachets of individual doses of calpol I just throw a few of them in rather than the bottle then if you ever need it you can just rip the corner off and pour it in to their mouth!!! Xxx

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