BLW Recipe: Pinwheels

Arlo loves a pinwheel! I cheat and use shop bought ready rolled puff pastry, because with a six month old I simply don’t have time to make my own. I also just don’t want to, it’s far easier and quicker to use the ready rolled!

This recipe is beyond easy and takes very little time to make. It is also freezer friendly, so you can make lots and take the out as and when you need them.


One sheet of puff pastry.

Any fillings you want!

Here are my two favourites.

1. Pizza pinwheels –

Spread tomato purée on to the puff pastry, add grated full fat cheddar and basil. Roll into a sausage like shape then using a sharp knife slice.

Bake in a pre heated oven for 15-25 minutes on 180 (fan). Keep an eye on them once they’ve gone a lovely colour then take them out. Ovens vary.

2. Fruit pinwheels –

Spread fruit purée on to the puff pastry add finely chopped fruit (I use Tesco frozen breakfast topper for ease!) Then as above, roll, slice and bake.


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