REVIEW: Adding some spice to your meals: The SPICENTICE way.

I was recently approached by the lovely Patrick over at Spicentice asking whether I would like to work with them. I get a discount code to pass on to you lovely lot (SARAHW20 – for a cheeky 20% off FYI) and in return I get a first look at the new products and an occasional freebie. Since the beginning of my journey I have happily paid for their products and never looked back, so of course I said yes.

I was not asked to do a review but I am going to do one anyway! On Instagram you see a lot of people promoting Spicentice (as well as countless other companies) and I imagine it can get very annoying, but that’s the way the advertising world is going so i’m going to jump on board. Let me just state that since I began this blog I have been approached by many companies and very rarely have I taken them up on their offers to collaborate. In the early days when this was solely a weight loss blog I got contacted on numerous occasions by companies wishing to send me endless supplies of cake, biscuits and marshmallows, a fat girls dream, but obviously promoting cake on a weight loss page doesn’t really work. So alas I stopped imagining my “you can do it, Brucie” moments (if you know you know) and declined all offers.

So in short don’t hate me for plugging products I actually like, use, have experience with and pay for/have paid for.

Anyway I seem to have digressed. Lets get back to Spicentice . 

When starting a new eating plan you often find yourself either slaving away in the kitchen constantly or eating the same meals again and again. I have always cooked from scratch but if you, like so many others, are used to relying on packets, jars or microwave meals then the difficult task of weight loss seems instantly even harder.

Here’s where Spicentice come in. Each meal kit comes with an ingredient list so it’s easy to see exactly what you need. Plus instructions. It is so simple. Follow the instructions and hey presto (that saying is so cliché but still) you have restaurant quality food at home, quickly and with very little effort.

On the Slimming World plan all their meal kits are syn free and their rubs come in at 0.5 syn per tsp and since the start of my journey they are a definite cupboard staple. Although I’m currently like Old Mother Hubbard and desperately waiting for payday to replenish my stock! If you are going to buy anything to make meal times more interesting and tasty then try these! Whats more they currently have a new Slimming Club Favourites bundle for just £15. Honestly you won’t regret it.

My personal favourites.

  1. Massaman Curry Kit
  2. Gourmet Chips and Wedges
  3. Moroccan Lamb Tagine Spice Kit
  4. Fajitas Spice Kit
  5. Chicken Jalfrezi Spice Kit

On a side note it just took me far longer than i’d care to admit trying to pick my top 5 and that speaks for itself surely!

That review is short and sweet kind of like the amount of time you’ll be in the kitchen cooking up these awesome meals if you choose the Spicentice life.


– Affiliate link – I may receive a small amount of money if you choose to purchase any Spicentice products. 


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