Babease: The food pouches for the future foodies.

Baby food pouches/jars. Let’s face it most of us with children will have used them one time or another. Some more so than others. Some will grab them as a last resort and for others it’s a staple part of their baby’s diet. Whether you use food pouches to feed your baby for convenience or because you just don’t want to cook every meal your baby eats from scratch you shouldn’t be afraid or ashamed for reaching for the pouch.

But which pouch to grab? We all want our children to have the best start with their food adventures so if you are anything like me you will have studied the backs of all the jars/pouches and noticed a few common themes. Without naming and shaming, a few brands out there like to sneak extras like apple juice, or additives I can’t pronounce into the packets. Others like to mask the savoury tastes with sweetness. A lot of them are a little bit mischievous (much like my son.) I just want good wholesome food, so that I know even though I’m not cooking everything from scratch, my son is getting nutritious meals with nothing unnecessary added.

Enter new(ish) kids on the block Babease . Babease encompass all the latest food trends, using seasonal, organic vegetables, coconut water and ancient grains such as quinoa.

A selection of Babease pouches Arlo was sent to try. © Sarah Woodside

There is nothing but goodness crammed into their pouches. Believe me I studied every pouch. Arlo (to any one new here Arlo is my son, currently 7 months,) first tried a Babease pouch at the very beginning of his weaning journey, one of his first tastes once we’d moved on from single vegetables was pumpkin and pea . From there on he’s been a fan.

I’m currently on maternity leave, but freelancing, running this blog, raising my little man, keeping a house hold, having time with my partner, son, and family as well as socialising (and by socialising I mean drinking a lukewarm cup of tea at a baby group) means as much as I would like to prepare every single morsel of food Arlo eats, it just isn’t feasible.

We do a good mix of spoon feeding, baby led weaning, solids and lumpy purées. It’s what works for me and more importantly it works well for my son. We are very fortunate that he is a massive foodie already. Since we began his journey with food he’s not turned down a single food and because of this I like to continue to introduce new foods and flavours to him. Babease offer flavours I wouldn’t usually prepare myself. As a millennial I should be all over the quinoa but I’ve yet to even try it let alone stock my cupboards with it, Arlo however has tried it and it’s all thanks toBabease.

The meals I do cook for Arlo incorporate a lot of different fruits, vegetables, protein sources, herbs and spices. We shouldn’t be afraid of putting a pinch of cumin, paprika or cinnamon (plus all the other options) in our baby’s meals. We are helping to shape their palates and that is just what Babease want to do. They want to test our baby’s boundaries to find out how far their mini taste buds could be pushed.

So whether you’re grabbing a pouch after a long day at the office,  because you’d rather enjoy a nice hot shower (a luxury for any parent) than slave over the stove, or because you’ve be on the go and just want that extra half hour to cuddle, play with or read a story to your baby. Feel confident when reaching for Babease , your baby is getting a nutritious meal and being exposed to exciting food flavours. No guilt over here.

*Arlo was sent a selecton of Babease pouches to try, having already been a happy customer of theirs. A follow up blog post will be coming very soon discussing all the other uses for your food pouch in addition to just squeezing and serving as is. 

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