Review: Gummee Glove

Disclaimer: The Gummee glove was gifted to us. In return I offered to give an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know that Arlo has been teething since he was about 8 weeks old (possibly even earlier, my memory post baby isn’t as good as it was pre baby!)  A simple finger along his gums and you can feel all the lumps and bumps. His teeth are constantly moving and shifting under his gums and yet at 7 months he is still yet to cut a tooth.

I wish someone had warned me that teething could last for months on end. As a first time mum I naively thought that once he began to show signs they’d cut through fairly quickly and then it would die down until another tooth was ready.  Giving us a break and a moment of respite between each little tooth. How wrong was I!  I have the baby that has been teething for months on end and still has a gummy little toothless smile.

There are lots of teethers on the market, but the majority need to be held which is fine now he’s developed the necessary motor skills but in the early days he couldn’t hold anything. I would spend a lot of time sitting with my crying baby holding a teether in his mouth against his gums, but you can’t do that 24/7 no matter how much you want to soothe your child, lets be realistic.  We needed something that he could use to soothe himself and that’s when we read about the Gummee glove. 

Why was this different? He didn’t have to hold it, finally something that I could put on him and he could use himself! I simply popped it over his little hand and away he gnawed. The relief was instant. No exaggeration, as soon as we received this I popped it on to quickly try (before washing it) and he loved it. He slobbered all over it but that didn’t matter as it’s machine washable.

The red heart silicone teether is detachable (and interchangeable with additional add-ons you can purchase), I often pop it in the fridge before offering it to Arlo. The glove also comes in a handy laundry bag keeping ideal for keeping it clean when out and about.

Now he’s older I definitely need to get the bigger one as his hands have almost outgrown it. Even though he can now hold things himself the glove is perfect for when out and about as he can’t drop it. Nothing more annoying than a dropped teether with no sterilising wipes on you!

This is one of my most recommended products, to anyone with a teething baby you need to try this. And by ‘this’ I mean the Gummee glove, the original teething mit. Lots of similar products have now popped up but this one is the first of its kind. I feel compelled to write that as a Cornish mummy supporting a product and company based in my home county of Cornwall!





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