Review: Vital Baby

Arlo and I were recently sent some products from Vital Baby to try. The following is an honest review of each product. This post is a little later than intended, blame the viral infection that struck down Arlo for over a week, followed by his most recent bout of flu.

On The Go Weaning Set 

©Sarah Woodside

We’ve recently cut Arlo’s morning bottle in favour of breakfast. It was all going swimmingly until one morning Arlo slept in and we needed to be in the car on the way to an appointment. Cue the On The Go Weaning Set from Vital Baby. I prepared Arlo’s porridge and off we went.  Now I don’t make a habit of feeding Arlo in the back of the car but when he was screaming fifteen minutes into our car journey i’m so glad I had prepared his breakfast. The bowl was perfect, complete with a storage compartment with a spoon and a leak proof lid. It was thrown into the changing bag at 6 am and survived my partners driving without spilling a drop. Perfect for use at home and out and about. It’s also fun to have a bowl that isn’t round.

Unbelievabowl™ Suction Bowl

©Sarah Woodside

Luckily Arlo is a piglet, so much so that he’s not yet discovered the art of throwing food (I’ve probably jinxed myself by saying that), he does however enjoy picking his plate up and putting it back down again, which can get a little messy. We’ve tried a few ‘suction’ bowls, most of which don’t really do what they are meant to. And the ones that do quickly lose their suction after a few washes. This bowl however really is ‘unbelievabowl‘ (yes I went there.) Once i’ve popped it down my little foodie can not pick it up. A definite need for anyone with a baby that likes to create abstract art with his food.

Soft Tip & Grip Feeding Spoons 4pk

©Sarah Woodside

We have tried many a spoon and these are the best so far for feeding himself. He’s still only little but we try to include a spoon with his meals (where appropriate) by just popping it down on the highchair or by offering him pre loaded spoons. He does eat with his hands a lot, but I am hoping that by offering him cutlery in addition to letting him go wild, it will help him later on when cutlery is a necessity. The shape of these spoons make them ideal for sticky little hands to grip, the material of the spoons also mean that they don’t slip out of his hands when they are covered in food, like some of the other spoons we have tried. I also like the size of the actual spoon, some different brands we first tried are so small that when he finally got food in his mouth it was barely even half a mouthful! They are both dishwasher and steriliser safe which is perfect for someone like me that likes to sterilise everything. All round thumbs up from us, so much so that we bought more.

No More Mess Trap-a-Snack™

©Sarah Woodside

Does exactly what it’s meant to. Ideal for little hands to get snacks out without spilling things everywhere. Top tip though, don’t overfill it, I crammed so much fruit in it the first time we used it that Arlo couldn’t get anything out. Ideal for snacking on the go at baby groups and in his push chair.  Arlo’s cousin Henry also used this when he came to play and it was perfect to stop food going everywhere.

Kidisipper™ Tubby

©Sarah Woodside

Our favourite cup, mainly because it doesn’t leak. I had got in to the habit of taking an empty cup out with me and then filling it when we reached our destination because no matter what cup I used it leaked. I was fed up of finding puddles, wet nappies and damp spare clothes in the changing bag. It comes with a lid which is easy to clip on and off keeping the spout clean. Arlo found it very easy to use and was drinking from it with no issues from the first time he used it. The handles are easy for little hands to grip and have encouraged my little lazy bones to feed himself. It is dishwasher and steriliser safe which is perfect for us. Our favourite cup (and I’ve bought a lot of cups.)

– The above  items were gifted to us, in return for an honest review.




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