Slimming World: Week One Meal Plan

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail (or so they say.)

On my previous Slimming World journeys I used to get a lot of messages asking how I kept syn free/low syn during the day thus allowing me to save my syns for chocolate. As I plan on doing the same/similar this time around (keeping relatively low syn during the day.) I thought for my first weight loss related blog post since my hiatus it might be helpful to share my meal plan for the week ahead. So here goes.

S = Speed food, F= Free food, P= Protein, HeA = Healthy Extra A choice, HeB = Healthy Extra B choice.


Breakfast – Yoghurt (F), fruit (S) and hifi bars (HeB).

Lunch – ‘Pimped’ up baked beans (P) with onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers (all S) and cajun spices (F).

Dinner – BBQ (syns) chicken with turkey bacon medallions (P) and cheese (HeA), chips (F) and salad (S).


Breakfast – Overnight oats (HeB), fruit (S) and yoghurt (F).

Lunch – Tuna (P) salad (S) (Minimal syns if you swap regular mayo for lighter than light mayo).

Dinner – Cottage Pie (P&S) topped with cheese (HeA) and vegetables (S).


Breakfast – Cereal (HeB) with milk (HeA) and fruit (S).

Lunch – Cottage leftovers (P&S) with veg (S).

Dinner – Chicken (P) burrito bowls, with rice (F), onions, peppers and salad (S).


Breakfast – SW fry up. Bacon, beans, eggs (P), mushrooms and tomatoes (S).

Lunch – Hifi bars (HeB), yoghurt (F) and fruit (S). (Smaller lunch because of epic breakfast!)

Dinner – Tuna (P) pasta (F) bake topped with cheese (HeA) with salad (S).


Breakfast – Cereal (HeB) with milk (HeA) and fruit (S).

Lunch – Egg (P&S) cups and salad (S).

Dinner – Sunday roast (P, F & S).


Breakfast – Porridge (HeB) made with milk (HeA) and fruit (S).

Lunch – SW hummus (P&F) with salad (S) and vegetable crudités (S) with fruit (S).

Dinner – Slow cooker jacket potatoes (F) with salad (S). Undecided on toppings yet!


Breakfast – Scrambled eggs (P) with mushrooms and spinach (S).

Lunch – Ryvita (HeB), cheese (HeA), salad (S) and ham (P).

Dinner – Slow cooker casserole (P&S) with mashed potato (F).

All remaining syns will be spent on ‘treats’ like a small chocolate bar, some sweets, crisps etc.

Let me know your favourite way to use your syns and your go to breakfasts, lunches and dinners in the comments.


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