Eat what you preach. Healthy eating and weaning.

Since Arlo’s journey with food began he’s taken to it like a dream. I’m that annoying mum whose baby eats anything you put in front of him (bar couscous and quinoa Arlo can’t stand either of those!) I have made such an effort to ensure he gets a good start with food and he eats a really healthy balanced diet with a few cheeky treats thrown in for good measure.

I know full well he’ll more than likely stumble into a fussy stage and we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it but for now we’ve hit the weaning jackpot. I can’t name a single fruit or vegetable that this boy won’t eat.

But for a long time now a the focus has been on his food and very little focus has been on mine. Oh the irony of ensuring he eats his five a day and goes easy on the biscuits, when I was eating biscuits by the packet and maybe one piece of fruit a week (I always have eaten vegetables even when in full on pig mode.)

Now he’s getting older he wants to share mummy’s food and is taking a lot more interest in what I’m shovelling in. So if ever there was a time to install even more good habits in him when it comes to food, it’s now. I refuse to continue to hide in the kitchen eating a quick chocolate bar.

If I can find the time to make him three healthy meals a day then I can find the time to make myself three healthy meals.


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