Awkward Moment #4

So at the end of Year 1 at university, I had to sit a Teeline exam. To anyone who isn't familiar it's the journalists second language - it also resembles hieroglyphics to anyone not familiar (and some of us who are familiar.) We were all due to sit this exam in one of the lecture … Continue reading Awkward Moment #4


The Awkward Moment #3

This one I have always laughed at so feel free to giggle without a single ounce of guilt. When I was in my late teens I was at one of the local clubs in town. To say I had drunk a little too much was a massive understatement. I was true to the stereotypes of … Continue reading The Awkward Moment #3

The Awkward Moment Series – #1

Over the next few days I'm going to be embarrassingly honest and tell you about awkward moments I have encountered due to being porky. If you don't laugh you'll cry! I have always been a confident over weight person and under no illusion about my size. So please laugh away, I do not mind one … Continue reading The Awkward Moment Series – #1