Birthday Blues, a message for my mum.

*The following is a guest post written by my sister.* Mum, if you were here now, and healthy you would have hated turning 56, you would have said "I don't feel it darling, I feel 18" and I would have probably rolled my eyes! But knowing what I know now you would have given anything … Continue reading Birthday Blues, a message for my mum.


Review: Vital Baby

Arlo and I were recently sent some products from Vital Baby to try. The following is an honest review of each product. This post is a little later than intended, blame the viral infection that struck down Arlo for over a week, followed by his most recent bout of flu. On The Go Weaning Set  … Continue reading Review: Vital Baby

Admitting to myself that I am not ok.

Grab a cup of tea this is a long one. I feel like I've been picked up by a few people, pulled in conflicting directions causing me to break. I've been temporarily sellotaped back together only to be dropped again. But this time I've broken into smaller pieces, pieces that right now seem a little … Continue reading Admitting to myself that I am not ok.

Babease: The food pouches for the future foodies.

Baby food pouches/jars. Let's face it most of us with children will have used them one time or another. Some more so than others. Some will grab them as a last resort and for others it's a staple part of their baby's diet. Whether you use food pouches to feed your baby for convenience or … Continue reading Babease: The food pouches for the future foodies.

BLW Recipe: Cod fish fingers.

You will need 👉🏻 2 boneless fillets of cod. 3 small slices of wholemeal bread 2 tbsp oats 1 tsp paprika 1 tsp garlic powder 1 egg A few spoonfuls of flour Method 👉🏻 Blend the bread, oats and spices to form spiced breadcrumbs and set aside. Whisk the egg in a bowl for dunking. … Continue reading BLW Recipe: Cod fish fingers.

20 thoughts of a Slimming Worlder.

The following post contains bad language. I'm also hoping it makes you laugh rather than offends! Weigh day has arrived, please please please let me poo before it's time to face the scales. Me: How much have you lost this week?",  Janet: "10lbs", Me: "Wow well done, i'm chuffed for you." Screams internally FUUUUUCK YOU! … Continue reading 20 thoughts of a Slimming Worlder.