Be Body Positive

by Natasha Anne Chaudhary Hi There. My name is Tasha and I am the creator and writer of the blog Slimming it My Way. I started my blog at a time when I wanted to feel more accountable for my weight loss journey, as I heard that this helps keeps you on track. If you … Continue reading Be Body Positive


Today’s body positivity in pictures.

  When I first shared the above image across social media, I was met with some critique, so to clarify. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder it is also subjective. We must all believe we are pretty and beautiful. So to all the haters, I am beautiful!!!

Say no to body shaming and yes to body positivity.

Who has heard of Tess Holliday aka Tess Munster? In 2013 she started the #effyourbeautystandards movement on Instagram, encouraging people to love their bodies and be proud of their bodies no matter their size. In January of this year (2015) she made history by becoming the largest plus size model to be signed to a … Continue reading Say no to body shaming and yes to body positivity.