Fat List

My Fat List Instead of a bucket list this is a list of things I will do when I have lost weight. It is a mix of things I physically cannot do any more and also things I'm too embarrassed to do. This cheeky little list is a wonderful motivational tool, seeing all the things … Continue reading Fat List


The weekend is upon us, to cheat or not to cheat.

So the weekend is here and the big question is can I squeeze a cheat in? Balanced with not feeling guilty and of course not letting it turn from a treat to a daily thing. So to anyone wondering if they should treat themselves have a long think. Some people simply cannot allow themselves to … Continue reading The weekend is upon us, to cheat or not to cheat.

The food and clothes of choice today :)

Brown rice, with 1 red onion, 1 red pepper and mushrooms cooked in a little coconut oil and soy sauce. Peppermint shake & an apple for breakfast. Lunch of 2 crackers and cucumber sticks with hummus. Yum yum. Also have been experimenting with different fruit in my water infuser bottle, today I tried fresh orange … Continue reading The food and clothes of choice today 🙂